Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Humps in the Hump!


It's Wednesday!!!! I love Wednesdays, did I mention I love Wednesdays and Wednesdays are my favorite days of the week? No? Well I'll tell you. I loooooove Wednesdays!!!!

I've been attracting weird bugs lately and I don't like it, saturday night one huge fire fly flew over my head while I was closing my door, luckily BF was there because as soon as I heard something zzzuummiiiingg around me I freaked out, screamed and ran to the laundry room. That was some scarry crap.

Then on Monday, a mosquito got inside my car, did you know mosquitos or any other kind of bug inside a car is deadly? I didn't now that, until that day I was fighting with it because it was hungry it neede breakfast and there I was ready to be stung by that mosquito. At the end it won and I ended up with this huge mosquito bite on my shoulder, I had to choose between letting it suck my blood or die on the road trying to kill it.

Then yesterday I woke up in the morning and see this huge spider above my head on the wall, the mark of my sliper is still there I can't stand scrubbing the dead spider with my bare hands...yuuck!

Then this morning, as I walked to my car I see a bee standing on my door waiting for me, maybe it needed a ride somewhere but really I was running late and I can't afford to risk my life trying to kill the bee or letting it sting me, no thank you, I so squashed it with my gym back which now I remember I didn't see the bee on the floor and forgot to check my back pack to see if it was there.....Eooowwww.

Forgot to mention this morning I killed a cricket by accident with my foot as I was sitting on my desk, I only heard a "crunch" noise and felt something bumpy in the bottom of my shoe.

Uh and last week I was listening to the radio in the morning, that some girl had a car accident because while she was driving she saw a spider crawling over her face and she got scared, rolled her car over a tree; that almost happens to me that same day when I was driving back from the gym, I saw a spider flying down the rear view mirror to my lap, fortunately I was on a stop sign otherwise I would have crashed my car on a post or something.

Damn bugs

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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