Friday, September 02, 2005

The Abominable Friday Quickie!

Oh my Gwaaadddd…

After struggling with BF that he should be going to the Urologist instead of going to the Dermatologist to cure his HPV finally by the act of a miracle from the heavens the dermatologist cancelled all appointments due to a surgery. BF was very angry but fortunately that’s what cell phones are for and I called the urologist to see if he had time to check BF out.

At the doctor’s office BF was asked to remove his clothes and wear the blue smock; I stayed in the doctor’s office waiting while BF was being checked, but being a small office with small compartments I could hear all the noises from the outside:

Nurse: Sir you didn’t take off your underwear, you should remove your underwear so you can be checked, and the smock should be worn with the open side on your back.

I wasn’t there to see the show but I was laughing my head off just imagining BF with an awkward look on his face, it was a hilarious moment; then the nurse comes to me and asks me what was BF’s nationality and when I said he was Persian she said, “Oh, no wonder he doesn’t understand”.

Then the doctor comes back to the office and tells me he will cure the affected area with electro-surgery; I hear BF raising his voice “Electro-surgery?! Isn’t that dangerous? Will that affect me? Will it hurt me? I don’t want it to hurt” and the Nurse and the doctor calming him down; maybe BF was so scared his wee wee was going to be electrocuted he would want to run away with the smock showing his hairy tooshie.

That wouldn’t have been a pretty scene.

10 more days to go and I’ll ready for some tooshie wigglin’; unfortunately BF is still behind schedule, he’s having another check up appointment in two weeks, I’ll have the same check up appointment at the same time but two days later so we’ll see, most probably I’ll be the first one to be released and BF will still have to play around with himself for a while longer.

And I’ll be playing around with myself too…crap!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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