Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hair Rant!

I am NOT in a good mood today…

I have said it before and I’ll say it again now; people don’t need a college degree to be stupid, stupid people are born stupid, and with a college degree their stupidity will never go away either, they’re born stupid, they die stupid.

How do you notice a person is stupid?

By their stupid questions, and stupid comments of course.

I’ll put my new hair look as an example…Oh by the way did I mention I have a new hair look? No? Well, I got me new red hightlights aaaannd I got a new haircut and I just loooove my new make over, love it love it love!!!!

BF loved it too, he was so excited…but that’s another post.

Anyway, putting my new hairstyle as an example I got all sorts of comments, all of them were good, but two of them got me off my nerves:

Person #1: Are those highlights red?

Yoli Answers: Is there another color for red? I’m just asking though

Person #2: Did you cut your hair?

Yoli Answers: No, I’m wearing a wig that looks like my hair.


Happy Thursday Everyone!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tuesday Pop!


Well the huge ass humongous pimple in my wee wee feels a lot better than yesterday, so better I could go to spinning class without any crying out loud; though I did cry out loud when I tried to pop the little crap and couldn’t bear the pain last night. Oh the pain!!!!


So it ended out soar, fortunately I have a kick ass ointment that dissolves those little creeps of nature, fortunately and I hope it will automatically pop itself.

OK enough of that; although Jamie wanted to know more details about my huge ass pimple in my wee wee, here it is…it huge I tell you huuuugeeeee; and I won’t say anything more about it because it is really disgusting crap.

Change subject to a non-pimple one:

I’ve notice this girl at my spinning class, she really does look creepy though, her skin is extremely white, she has black hair, I mean black black hair, and aqua color eyes. Creeee-py! But let’s put the creepy part aside because what really makes me wonder about this girl is she doesn’t really take the spinning class, oh no, I have discovered she goes to spinning class for the full body mirrors that cover the room, oh yes; I’ve seen the woman pulling her spinning bike where she is able to see her body in full details as we bounce up and down, spin and spin ( I think this sounds pornographic). WTF!? She doesn’t follow the class because she completely forgets about the instructor. I mean, is not like I don’t follow the instructor either but what can I do? She woman sits infront of me I can’t help it looking at my instructor and look at the woman looking at her self in the mirror.

I think she gets hot by looking at herself or something; I’ve never seen something quite like that before in my life.

And the woman is creepy I tell you, creepy! I don’t know how she can walk around turning her head to what ever a reflection of her body might appear and not fall on a hole or bump into someone. She’s a dangerous woman! Can you imagine her driving? She would not use the rear view or the side view mirrors to see cars, oh no, I am so sure she uses those to look at herself all the time. DMV should revoke her driver’s license. Well that is if she has a car.

Believe it or not, that had me thinking mostly part of last night before I went to sleep, thinking this girl doesn’t do anything else than to look at herself in reflections or mirrors. I am wondering, does she have a mirror in the ceiling above her bed so she can see herself falling asleep?

Just a thought, a kinky thought…but just to make things clear, I’m straight and I love men, I like manly men, I looove hairy looking manly sweaty men!!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Monday, September 26, 2005

O Sole Mio!

Io Una Dona Inmovile en el Calzone…

Don’t ask what it means, I can barely speak my own language or any other I just wanted to sound international.

Ok, here it goes.

My first Monday post after so many months, that is because this is the first Monday that I have time to post something and I have nothing to say, well except something really private that you should not know about but it’s my blog and I can post whatever I want.

Warning! I am going to write some nasty stuff here so if you’re the yucky kind of person, don’t read this.

Why in the world I am the only freak in this planet who has to grow huge ass humongous pimples in their privates? That should a No Pimple Grow Area!!!

Do you know what it feels like to not be able to sit down properly or bend over or not even go to the bathroom because this huge ass humongous pimple hurts like hell?! It hurts dammit, hurts like hell!

So I am not in a good mood since last week, and I thought it would go away but it’s not, and is not getting any better, actually is getting huge…huge I tell you huuuuuuge!

Why me?? Why me???

Happy Bumpy Pimple Monday Everyone!

Friday, September 23, 2005

The One Long and Grumpy Friday Quickie!

Who wants a piece of me??!!!...

Damn HR Beyotch, she's been pulling my patience too much lately as Drama Queen is not here to be poked on, the woman is so bored now she's trying to test me. Oh hell she's not going to make me fall for it!

HR Beyotch always reminds me to give the timing cards to her, every single tuesday at 8 am I hear her annoying telephone ring to me to remind me. I don't remember telling her to remind me crap! But still she does, she thinks if she doesn't remind me to give it her I might loose it somewhere..... Please! So to avoid getting angry I ignore the 8 am phone call.

So Last week she forwarded everybody a piece of paper with a survey about how the summer picnic was and also how the quality of the food in the cafeteria is for us. Now I don't eat cafeteria food, cafeteria food sucks so I rather bring my lunch, and also I just stayed 30 minutes in the summer picnic so I didn't have the chance to savour the quality of the party. With this on notice I gave a reply to my survey like this:

Cafeteria food survey:

Q: Do you eat cafeteria food?
A: No

Q: How do you consider the food in the cafeteria?
a) good tasting b) regular c) bad quality
A: c

Summer Picnic Survey:

Q: How do you consider the summer picnic was?
a) Excelent b) Regular c) Not enough time to enjoy d) bad
A: N/A

Now does this mean I have something against HR Beyotch? I don't think so, but she went to complain to my boss about how I answered the surveys (aren't surveys suppose to be optional and anonimous?) because she thinks it's a boicot against her and when I don't give her the timing cards at 8 am as she always demands is because I have personal issues over her.

Excuse me!? She went to complain to my boss about what?!

She didn't know when she went to my boss to complain about me that I don't answer phone calls to anybody at 8 am because I am so busy running reports for the 9 am management meetings every single day so I just don't exist for anybody, only for the few other people that have to do with the reports then I will answer the phone, otherwise I won't answer, but who doesn't do the same? And boss knows I am invisible between 8-9 am; it's for his own good.

Anyhoo, I am sooo glad boss didn't call me to tell me about he rant HR beyotch did about me which means he ignored her the same, just like I always do.

Now, that is definitely a bad point for my 2006 evaluation, I just know it, damn HR beyotch.

I know she doens't want a piece of me, oh no she doesn't!

Happy Grumpy Friday Everyone!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Humps in the Hump!


It's Wednesday!!!! I love Wednesdays, did I mention I love Wednesdays and Wednesdays are my favorite days of the week? No? Well I'll tell you. I loooooove Wednesdays!!!!

I've been attracting weird bugs lately and I don't like it, saturday night one huge fire fly flew over my head while I was closing my door, luckily BF was there because as soon as I heard something zzzuummiiiingg around me I freaked out, screamed and ran to the laundry room. That was some scarry crap.

Then on Monday, a mosquito got inside my car, did you know mosquitos or any other kind of bug inside a car is deadly? I didn't now that, until that day I was fighting with it because it was hungry it neede breakfast and there I was ready to be stung by that mosquito. At the end it won and I ended up with this huge mosquito bite on my shoulder, I had to choose between letting it suck my blood or die on the road trying to kill it.

Then yesterday I woke up in the morning and see this huge spider above my head on the wall, the mark of my sliper is still there I can't stand scrubbing the dead spider with my bare hands...yuuck!

Then this morning, as I walked to my car I see a bee standing on my door waiting for me, maybe it needed a ride somewhere but really I was running late and I can't afford to risk my life trying to kill the bee or letting it sting me, no thank you, I so squashed it with my gym back which now I remember I didn't see the bee on the floor and forgot to check my back pack to see if it was there.....Eooowwww.

Forgot to mention this morning I killed a cricket by accident with my foot as I was sitting on my desk, I only heard a "crunch" noise and felt something bumpy in the bottom of my shoe.

Uh and last week I was listening to the radio in the morning, that some girl had a car accident because while she was driving she saw a spider crawling over her face and she got scared, rolled her car over a tree; that almost happens to me that same day when I was driving back from the gym, I saw a spider flying down the rear view mirror to my lap, fortunately I was on a stop sign otherwise I would have crashed my car on a post or something.

Damn bugs

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Let’s Talk About Him!


Now let’s see, I know many of you tuned into my site a few months ago so you don’t know details about the BF I’ve been mentioning for the last couple of years that I started this blog so I’ll just concentrate all into one post.

I’ve been with the BF for 3.5 years and it has gone like water, and I really believe BF is a very good prospect of a good husband to be, but there are a few things that need to be polished and it has been extremely hard for me to change mainly because he is from a different culture than mine (middle eastern) though he’s not muslim he is a liberal to an extreme which I cannot accept, (sometimes I feel like I’m the muslim and he’s the catholic); another reason, he’s 40 years old and his ideals are very strong to have them changed from one day to the other. The 15 year difference between us has made the relationship hard enough to make me throw the towel and say “No more!”

What is it that makes me say “No more” to this relationship?

#1 He loves his freedom, he doesn’t like anybody telling him what to do and what not to do. I understand that but to certain extents.

#2 He suffers from “Familitis”, I don’t know if I made this word up but it reflects a condition that he can’t leave his family aside, he belongs to them, for him there is nothing else or nothing more than his family, his family is first, then it’s the rest of everybody… that includes him and me.

#3 As his family absorbs him, he doesn’t have time to attend a relationship, he barely has time for a life of his own, for this reason ever since the rest of his family moved to the US his attention was so focused on them that even though we were living together we didn’t see each other for weeks, he would spend his free time at his family’s house and come home at 2 or 3 am every night. I did understand that also, as they were new in the country they needed help but that help also meant financial help, BF had only credit cards and he squeezed them till the last drop.

And that’s when the big problems arose.

After leaving his family settled in their new homes now he had to take care of two problems, the main one was me, the second and new problem, money, his pockets were empty and now he needed to spend his free time working at a part time job to pay all his credit card debts.

#4 He is such a wonderful man and he loves to share everything he has that people take advantage of him and his good will, even his own family, they could not suck his blood out because that would mean killing him and that would mean no more free help.

Now what is it that makes me reevaluate the relationship I have with BF that makes it worth standing 3.5 years with him and maybe even more?

#1 He is pure in heart and soul

#2 He is very respectful to our relationship, when we argue we never fight or say to each other bad words or yell at each other, we always speak our problems out.

#3 He’s very lovable and sweet even when we are angry and he always tries to make me smile.

#4 He makes all the problems seem so tiny, he always says that everything will be OK and there is nothing in the world that can’t be done and it gives me security every time he shows me that.

#5 He’s very responsible of me financially speaking, although he has debts to his guts he still helps me as if he still lived with me.

#6 And like I said earlier, he’s a wonderful man and loves to help others and share all he has and it makes me very proud to know he’s a very good man.

#7 He’s always available when I call him even when he’s working so I know he’s not cheating on me.

#8 He gives me the freedom I need to do what I want and we always work things out when we don’t agree on something.

#9 Most importantly we never fight over the TV remote…bwaha! (hey, I’ve heard there are divorces over that).

Although he is not as charming and romantic as I wished he was it compensates all of it with all the good qualities he has, which I find very difficult to find them all in another man.

So after reminiscing hard over the long weekend I’ve decided I have been too hard on BF, both of us need a chance, for me to accept him the way he is and him to get rid of his current problems. Now if I could just find a way to have his family disappear from the face of this earth I would be the happiest woman alive.

Dammit I need voodoo lessons.

Happy Monday Everyone!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Dammit I can't!


Like I said yesterday I am about this close to break up with BF, he's giving me too much crap I can barely take no more.

Since last week we scheduled a doctor's appointment for him to check on his improvement with the treatment and as always ( he does with me because he doesn't do it with anybody else of course) he was LATE!

I knew this would happen so I was furious since earlier in the morning and the pain in the stomach got worse while driving home because I just knew it; so I picked up the phone and called his cell, he was on his way, the appointment was at 6:30 pm and it was already 6:15 and we had to drive for 20 minutes to get to the doctor; I had to put my sorry ass to the doctor for being late but pleaded to wait for us 5 minutes longer, fortunately the doc is not an ogor so he said he would wait for us only for 5 minutes and no more, BF was his last patient for the day.

Anyway, there was no time for hellos and we headed over to the doctor, there, I did the last humane thing for a him while having his wee wee electrocuted, I held his hand and covered his head.

On the way out I had the words ready to be released from my mouth to tell him that was the last thing I do to him and he could just get his ass out of my house, but I couldn't, before I could say anything to him he held my hand back and thanked me for being with him and being so kind to him.

What in hell is he playing with me now? He's not suppose to be sweet right now, I am angry dammit I should finish you up and turn you into crap and make you feel sorry for being such a neglective BF, that's the damn plan and I should stick to it. My friend didn't gave me a good advise just to listen to you thanking me for being supportive. Shut up dammit, shut the fuck up!

While we were eating at a restaurant I had my eyes straight at his face, forcing myself to tell him right there I no longer want to be with him; he looks back at me and asks me why am I looking at him so angry.

Give me 10 good reasons why I should not leave you because I have 10 very good reasons why I should right now.

He left his fork on the side and gave me a bizzare look; why am I saying that you're asking me?

For a start you don't treat me as your girlfriend and you're confusing me with something you think is easy for you to treat; second you are very disconsiderate and only think about yourself; third you really do not care about me as a person, fourth I am not important to you in your life; fifth all you care is for your own benefits and the benefits of your family; sixth you don't appreciate all the things I do for you; seventh you are a very irresponsible boyfriend; eighth you have no idea what a love relationship is; ninth you're afraid of any kind of commitment especially a commitment with me, and tenth you neglect me...I want to kill you!!!

Don't laugh at me, why are you laughing? This isn't funny! You stop this right now!

At that point I had released my anger with a piece of chicken while saying all those things in my head and not being able to express it directly to his face made me want to vomit, although I did mention him 5 of the 10 reasons I had when he started laughin and gave me 5 stupid reasons of his own to dump me also which went something like this:

Counting with his greasy fingers
1. don't give me massage sometimes when I ask you
2. You don't...(grabs a lemon) give me lemon water
3. You don't give me sunflower seeds, I need sunflower seeds when I'm watching TV
4. (grabs the lemon again) don't give me lemon....water
5. I...want to eat some fruit, let's get some.

So I am using my own psychology to understand why he doesn't take my rages seriously, is it either because he doesn't pay attention to the big issues that are increasing by time, or is it that I am not making myself clear of the situation. If that is the case then I know why I am not making myself clear and finish it once and for all, and is because I am afraid of being alone. But what if I am making all this into a huge mountain of dirt when it is really something as little as a layer of dust? But then, why am I so angry that he doesn't treat me like I say he should?

What am I doing wrong and why is everybody telling me to break up with him and I can't do it? Dammit I just can't leave him so easily. As many defects he has, he has so many good things that cannot be compared with anyone else and putting all of it in balance makes it so difficult for me to do something so easy.

I need that strength again (like I had 4 years ago with the X) to terminate this and go ahead on search for something better.

I'll sure be thinking of it this long weekend.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Nutter Hick!

It is all about the booze...

I just came out of a 2 minute employee meeting Nutter Industries careful scheduled for us 2 minutes before the meeting:

“It’s all about you (HR beyotch said to us), you the employee who make this happen, and to thank you for being such great employees we’re going to offer you a great bbq at our expense next Thursday at 3”.

Oh great! More food and drinks to drop to the floor and no more productivity bonuses because the company is over budget. WTF!

Is that all you have to say Nutter Industries? How about if you tell us when are we going to have our next product transfer so we get ready for the new people to come and maybe more job opportunities for us huh? Or, how about if you tell us what the plans for the new fiscal year are? Oh no that would be committing sin and we would never be forgiven by the all mighty VP Midget.

Screw that! I’m going home, who wants to socialize with a bunch of losers anyway.

Changing subjects radically now;

I am this close to break up with BF now, and I need a really good excuse to not dump his ass to the next available sewage spillage.

I am soooo green right now.


Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Quarenteen's Over!

Woo Hoo...

Well, not so woo hoo, BF still has some treatment left and I have an appt with lady doc on thursday for a check up.

Dammit it's been so long I can hardly remember what sex is like. Bummer!

In other news,
We're having a 4 day week this week because of our Independen day Holiday; where am I going you ask? No freaking where, that's where I am going; why you ask? Good question, it's not me the one who can't go, oh no, it's BF who doesn't want to go anywhere, now, I can go where ever I want but the only bad thing is that I have nobody to come and tag along with me while I am letting the great oportunities of great deals to the beaches of the south pass by under my nose while everybody I know is going everywhere.

Oh Crap!

It's going to be another long weekend at home.

So instead of boring myself to death I decided home browsing over the weekend; what did I find? Well actually I found pretty good houses way out of my budget, I can only afford an old motor home without wheels and toilet for 3000 bucks. I think I'll have to wait until I can find a better deal than that.

In the mean time I'll keep drooling at houses I can't afford. I mean compared to houses in the US the houses in my country are quite a bargain, so much BF went so enthusiastic about buying a ground and two or 3 houses instead of buying a small condo in San Diego. I agree with the man, but too bad he's not a citizen, oh well, either he can marry a mexican girl or just buy it through some other way. His loss not mine...sucker!

I'm so happy I'll be completely by myself next week with nobody to bug me with their stupid 80's music, yes I am talking about the Production Supervisor, I think he got stuck in the 80's. He needs to grow up! Anyhoo, I'll be completely alone in my department except for Old Fart, everybody else is going to Carry, NC for a training.

I am soooooo coming in jammies to work!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Viva Los Fridays!

And I won't say quickie 'cause I'm horny dammit!...

Now that I closed month on my department I'm waiting for the financial side to finish up their crap. That's what I mean when I am saying the closing month takes about a month to close...Pfft! Never heard of that before in my life until I came to work for Nutter Industries.

Man are they slow I tell you!

Nothing important has made me post but like I said to my dad I have a journal and I must keep on updating it, otherwise it won't be a journal but a boring notebook.

Why in hell if we have an online journal we must share it other people, worst when the're people we know? Then if you want to rant about a specific someone you are not allowed because you know that specific someone is reading your blog; talking about self restriction.

So just for that I will now hit myself on the head till I faint for making such huge mistake, fortunately nobody knows exactly where I work, well, only the people I know that read my blog dammit so I can no longer give names, and even if I give names the people who know me know who I am talking about.


See what I'm talking about?


On with another subject:

Katrina, oh who can NOT stop talking about it? I heard on the news on Sunday President Fox was going to send a ship with food, water and a rescue team (pff right, he is sending, more like there were volunteers willing to go and help but he's not sending anybody) to help out the victims from the Hurracane.

Now I am such a squeptic person I really thought US Customs was going to stop that ship from crossing the border and send them right back, just like Thailand did when the Tsunami hit them; but what a surprise I heard when yesterday the ship arrived to Texas and customs never stopped them. Wow, isn't that nice?

Now what concerns me is that Cuba is offering to send 1500 medical specialists to help out but no word from Bush on accepting that help...Yikes!

Personally I don't think Bush will accept. That's bad

In other news:

Old fart is going down, oh yes, big problems arose this week which involves miss communication problems between management and production team and now everything is a huge confussion between everything and nobody knows crap about anything.

I'm confused here.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Somebody Shoot Me!

(#*$&%* Craaaaaaaap!

No time to post my puny life because my working life is absorbing me too friggin' much!

So far I've done nothing but:

1. Do some crap about work and,

2. Finish all the crap I left behind for posting my blogs all past week.

Good news!

Old Fart moved to the second floor where all the Managers are looking at us from the above. (Cause they think they're dogs...what ever) So Hurray now I am all alone and I can skip work earlier.

That really makes my week worth working.

I'll be back to my regularly scheduled program once this end of month crap is finished.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Friday, September 02, 2005

The Abominable Friday Quickie!

Oh my Gwaaadddd…

After struggling with BF that he should be going to the Urologist instead of going to the Dermatologist to cure his HPV finally by the act of a miracle from the heavens the dermatologist cancelled all appointments due to a surgery. BF was very angry but fortunately that’s what cell phones are for and I called the urologist to see if he had time to check BF out.

At the doctor’s office BF was asked to remove his clothes and wear the blue smock; I stayed in the doctor’s office waiting while BF was being checked, but being a small office with small compartments I could hear all the noises from the outside:

Nurse: Sir you didn’t take off your underwear, you should remove your underwear so you can be checked, and the smock should be worn with the open side on your back.

I wasn’t there to see the show but I was laughing my head off just imagining BF with an awkward look on his face, it was a hilarious moment; then the nurse comes to me and asks me what was BF’s nationality and when I said he was Persian she said, “Oh, no wonder he doesn’t understand”.

Then the doctor comes back to the office and tells me he will cure the affected area with electro-surgery; I hear BF raising his voice “Electro-surgery?! Isn’t that dangerous? Will that affect me? Will it hurt me? I don’t want it to hurt” and the Nurse and the doctor calming him down; maybe BF was so scared his wee wee was going to be electrocuted he would want to run away with the smock showing his hairy tooshie.

That wouldn’t have been a pretty scene.

10 more days to go and I’ll ready for some tooshie wigglin’; unfortunately BF is still behind schedule, he’s having another check up appointment in two weeks, I’ll have the same check up appointment at the same time but two days later so we’ll see, most probably I’ll be the first one to be released and BF will still have to play around with himself for a while longer.

And I’ll be playing around with myself too…crap!

Happy Friday Everyone!