Monday, August 15, 2005

Yoli's First Time at the Gyn!

Dammit who said it didn't hurt?...

I must say is not as pleasing at it sounds and I am not so happy about opening my legs to some lady doctor who is going to take a sample of me. That already was freaking me out.

Yes it is my first visit to the Gyn because #1 I started having sex at 23 and #2 the books say I should start worrying at 25, so I just left it for one more year, and #3 because I was scared to go. Alright that's no excuse, shut up!

The main reason why I wanted to visit the Gyn was not for a regular check up; actually BF developed a "rash" that didn't seem normal to me and it worried me he might have had some kind of virus/bacteria/germ/bug/microb, lets say even the PHV?

Now that the PHV is the hot thing in STD's nowadays I don't want to miss the chance right?

So it turned out I have a huge ass ulcer in the neck of my womb that must be cured ASAP before it gets ugly, that means I am going into microsurgery tonight. Although is a 30 minute process it really scares me, too much, to the point I want to run away but I'll faint in the midle of it anyway.

Lady Gyn took out a sample of the ulcer and right now it hurts like hell people. Who said it didn't hurt? It hurts dammit! And it hurts alot, I feel as if someone just hit me too much with a baseball bat and this is just with a biopsy now imagine with a microsurgery.

Oh I wouldn't wanna be me right now, but I really don't have a choice.

And to my surprise, my boss the old fart is not working today at our company, he's at the corporate office "working" (that means partying around or having the time of his life playing golf) while I'm here worrying my womb out because I have to tell him I am leaving early for my surgery and that I am taking 2 days off for post surgery rest.

I am sure he's going to miss me.

Well, I'll keep ya posted on how the thing went tonight, that means if I don't post anything I either ran away or died with my legs open.

Happy Monday Everyone!

-------------- UPDATE----------

I'm back now, yup still alive, but not tooshie wiggly, I ain't moving my tooshie for about 4 weeks.

So how it went? Well, let's just say my womb was turned into a popsicle for 3 minutes and now I have these killer cramps as if I will have this killer period; I just hope it goes away faster because it's making me really nervous now.

Wanna hear something funny?

Lady Gyn doctor gave me relaxation therapy after the criosurgery, then she gave me a piece of her plant (WTF) after that she gave my mom a piece of the same plant with some of the flowers (WTF#2) then she whispers me on the hallway "Tell your BF no sex for at least 4 weeks ok? And from now on you should use condoms all the time when you're with him, here, I'll give you some to take home"; she gave me 2 condoms, a blue one and a pink one (WTF #3), I bet BF is going to look really pretty in those colors.

Happy Crampy Monday Nighty!

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