Monday, August 01, 2005

This is a Monday Zoom!

Ahh no time for nothing...

Geeesh, my boss doesn't let me finish anything, I don't have 8 hands you know. We're closing month, but as we never stop our sprinkler production well I am closing and begining month at the same time, plus my boss has this temper today where he's trying so hard to smile but what he wants to do is really choke you do death, I can see it in his eyes he wants to kill me, because I've been so busy I don't even want to deal with his crap at the same time I'm dealing with my own crap plus other crap he wants me to do like finding out where the hell he left his the hell do I know?


Now I have heartburn, does anybody have tums around, or Maalox, or Pepto?

I need a day off...or two if I may.

Happy Monday Everyone!

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