Tuesday, August 23, 2005

This is a Beaauuuuutiful Tuesday!

Just don’t remind me my house is YELLOW…I hate yellow….

While I was away resting my cryosurgery done by lady doc I got a surprise visit from a contractor that long ago came to my house to check the black spots on my brand new ceiling, yes it needed a new roof and it took the owner 8 months to send someone to fix it, plus the water went out in the whole town for two to three weeks and to my surprise the water supply pump does NOT work either; Oh so now they’re two things that must be fixed and I say Must with a capitol M. Looks like the owner doesn’t speak my language or he’s deaf, mute and doesn’t shower as often as I do (which is twice a day or at least once) because he preferred to send the contractor to fix the roof AND paint the outside walls; now, did anybody told me the house I am leasing is going to change colors while I’m resting my womb? Or where was I when any of this was arranged? I wasn’t invited to the party you know.

So after the 3 days I was secluded in bed I went out to breath some fresh air but I almost swallowed my own tongue when I saw the house is now YELLOW! Yellooooow…Yeeeellllllllooooooooowwwwwwwww. And it’s not a pretty yellow, oh no, it had to be the ugliest yellow color I have ever seen in my entire life! Well not to that extent because I hate fluorescent yellow and the owner would be completely out of is mind if he ever tried to think of painting my house yellow, but I think the paint shop ran out of fluorescent yellow so the owner chose the next thing to fluorescent yellow…

Bright Orange Sunset Yellow…and the corners and little things will be gray…Thank you God for making me blinder than I already am.

The house is not finished yet, I had a some how a semi-loud discussion with my father because he let a woman inside the house without introducing herself and went directly to the laundry room where I have my sexy undies and brassieres waiting to be dried with the natural flowing air.

Thank you Dad for showing I don’t know who the hell was she the color of my underwear. The shame is killing me!

So I kindly asked my dad to not let ANYBODY inside the house ever without letting me know first and with that out the painter and the contractor went until I am inside the house to supervise what the hell they are doing to my house.



Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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