Monday, August 29, 2005

Summer Picnics Suck!

Mostly if the're co-workers in it...

The nightmare on Picnic Street is over now, (thank the omnipresent) now I can sleep like a baby without worries, until next week when the plans for the Christmas party will be made.

Dammit! why do the Homo-Sapiens have to socialize? And why is everyone, I mean eeeveryone have to be included in thier stupid celebrations.

It just pisses me off people, and that is reason #1 why I don't want to work for anybody anymore; having to attend to a stupid birthday cake at the cafeteria room and sing the stupid Happy Birthday song to the retard that has turned thirty something this year, and if it's not a birthday cake it's a friggin' picnic, or aniversary or christmas party.

When will this ever end?!!?!?!

This is too much torture for me, someone please shoot me!

The Nutter Industries summer picnic was the worst summer picnic I have ever attended to, and I am including in the family picnic ones and let me tell you, family picnics involving my family are good cat fights; only that Nutter Ind. did not include cat fights, the picnic was over way before anybody could get drunk or sick from hot weather conditions and the lack of bottle water, actually even lunch was finished even before anybody could go there and pick their lunches.

That's how pathetic it was, I mean I was not there to see it all but I was there enough time (25 ninutes) to know that the picnic was not going to be good at all.

The whole thing began at 10 am with a soccer game and a volley ball game, by 11 am the beer was gone and the people who finished playing were thristy but there was no water to be seen, just the ocean water and of course they were not going to drink that. Then the snacks, well someone said snacks were going to be served at 11 am but I was there by 11 and I was told the snacks were not ready yet, actually, someone had to go to the super market and buy a damn dead fish and kill it and make it into ceviche, a very raw ceviche. (ESC this one's for you)

Food was served after 2 pm, so I guess all the corporate visitors (about 20) that come from the US were extremely hungry, so hungry they ate all the food (for 80 people), so all the people that did not see the food was being served ended up with an empty stomach. Sorry people, food's gone, the gringos ate it!

Yeah, the operators had a very ugly look on their faces when the gringos passed by with a huge stomach and burping ceviche. I would too, fortunately I left before all this riot even started.

But I won me a huge ass headache but I didn't care, it was worth it because this morning the Hoochie mamma and the Rat had a very ugly meeting with the Plant Mgr.

Oh they're soooo going to get fired this year..


Happy Monday Everyone!

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