Friday, August 05, 2005

Rapidin Friday Quickie!

8.5 long hours to go...

This is one of MANY signs that my week has NOT been nice...AT ALL:

After more than 10 times of being called to my boss's office...

Phone Rings- Yeeeeees?

Boss: Can you come here please?

Me: $#(@**$) alright!

Boss: Go and tell the QA Engineer to assemble this part and cut it

Me: (looking at the sprinkler is already assembled ) - Do you want me to bring you the QA guy so you explain to him what you need?

Boss: No, he knows what I'm talking about

I take the lil piece of crap to the QA department and repeat my boss's orders

QA guy: Huh?

Me: He wants you to assemble this part (pointint at the assembled sprinkler) and cut it, he says you know what he's talking about

QA guy: I don't get it, the part is already assembled

Me: If you don't understand you can go and ask him yourself, better yet, let's go and ask him together so he can explain to us both what he wants.

We head to boss's office...

QA guy: You just want to...

Boss: (interrupting QA's question and pointing at me) - What did I tell you to tell him?

Me: To tell QA guy to assemble this part and cut it

Boss: There you go (pointing at QA guy) assemble the part and cut it.

QA guy: Just a.s.s.e.m.b.l.e the part and cut it??

Boss: Yes dis-assemble the part and cut it, that's it

QA guy and I look at each other with a WTF look on our faces....

QA guy and Me in a chorus: But you just said to assemble the part not to dis-assemble it!

Boss: I never said that, I said dis-assemble the part and cut it!

Good thing I was not alone to hear THAT

This cenile old fart has GOT to go... FASSST!!!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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