Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A No Hump Wednesday!

Nop the doc lady told me in 4 weeks...

Thank you guys for being so nice with me and I feel so bad because I haven't visited your blogs, tho I'm doing that today because I am in the midle of jumping off my house 2nd floor or going back to work, so I rather read to kill time, plus I miss you all.

Alright enough crap already.

I never though getting condoms for free was going to be so easy. I already filled up a shoe box with multi-color/flavor condoms; aint that sweet? Too bad I can't use them just yet.

How horny is BF that he already found out how much money he's going to spend on condoms, which brand is best, the many sizes they have, and I don't know what else he was telling me yesterday. I was surprised he has never used a condom in his life. Now THAT is scarry!

But I found it so sweet of him because he's being very careful and tender with me, he fixed dinner for me last night and a huge bowl of watermelon. I couldn't ask for anything else.

And where's work you ask? I don't give a &%$$( thank you!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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