Monday, August 22, 2005



Aw gee, It’s been a week and I don’t see the end of it, I guess I am too horny or BF is making me that way, oh boy he doesn’t stop bugging me!

And I still have 3 more weeks to go!!!

Sloth gave me an idea, and I’ll ask a question to all the girls.

How do you know your man has too much or little to no experience in bed and how do you trust him when he’s telling you about his sexual experiences?

Well in my case having a few sexual partners and also a little bit of psychology worked for me; also too much of that woman intuition because you can’t just trust the first two.

BF and I respect our previous sexual lives because it is very uncomfortable and creates some kind of tension. How many partners has he or I had? It doesn’t matter, what does matter is that we were not the first ones to have sex with each other so that enough is an issue of precaution. I trust BF 100% on how he is with me and what he does for me infront of me and behind me too. And is not because there is “Love”, you the readers who have followed me through know very well BF is not the love of my life and he never will be, but he’s a person I can really trust when he tells me something. I only am worried about the previous sexual partners he might have had as I didn’t know them if they were into something unhealthy as well as he is concerned about my previous sex partners so we both in a defensive status at this moment.

BF has been diagnosed with PHV and with that maybe I have it too, we never used protection since the first time but before we could go any intimate we asked each other if we were tested for any STD’s, I knew I was.

Unfortunately PHV is somehow similar to HIV, you don’t know you have it until is too late, worst PHV has no symptoms of any kind and very few of the over 100 types of PHV show signs. BF was one of the lucky ones, he developed a rash a few weeks before and that’s how we knew something was not right.

So right now I’m clean, if I had it I will know after I get my results, my lady doc didn’t want to wait for any results, she just went right in there and turned my womb into a Popsicle. Damn she’s scary.

Bad thing of all we must use protection from now on, wether BF and I are still together for a longer time or not, condoms will be a must. So I’m just keeping all the free condoms the doctors are giving me, plus some BF got from his doctor they’re filling up a show box.

After all BF and I went through the last couple of weeks which were very stressful especially with me, I was very scared I might develop cervical cancer, actually I still am but I am not as worried as before. And with all that came along, BF has been very protective of me and supportive and more loving than ever. Does that mean he loves me?

I still doubt that.

BF had his rash taken care of on Thursday night, he didn’t go to work on Friday so we both stayed home resting our surgeries. Aaaaawwww.


Anyhoo, cutting all the crap now. I’m back at work, I’m all backed up with all my reports, I’m one week behind and this is not pretty, also, old fart didn’t want to sign my vacation notice, instead, he asked me to fill out a Notice of absence with pay. Woo hoo! Now that is cool.

No wait! That’s not cool, this means I’ll have to go to the Summer picnic this weekend, Aaahhh Crap! Damn old fart! I knew he was not doing this on a good will, he is doing it on purpose.

Hope he gets some kind of Chinese diarrhea when he comes back from his vacation trip.

Super Craaaaaappppp!

Happy Crappy Mooonday Everyone!

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