Thursday, August 11, 2005

I'm Aliveee!

And tooshie wiggly...

Been working my tooshie off this week, plus I've felt depressed after all the missundertandings and misscommunications between boss and the whole company, yes don't think it just happens to me, it happens with everybody who works for the old man.

Now he's got me to look for anything related to China, I guess he's going to China on his next vacations otherwise why would he make me stop doing all my tedious work with numbers to look for information about China right?

Probably my next post will be in Mandarin or Chinese, who knows, last time I was getting an Australian accent and dreaming about koalas and kangoroos.

Saw "Dark Water" last tuesday, it was the first movie after "Alexander the Great" and let me tell you it was not that good, although the end was not as everybody expected which was good it didn't let me get up from my seat for for the whole hour and ten minutes that it lasted there was something telling me the movie kinda sucked, but it had this magnet that didn't let me go until the end. I bet this movie has a subliminal message like "Doooon't get uuuuup, remaiiiiin seated, you're getting sleeeeeeeepy, eaat pooooopcooorrnnnn and naachoooooooos"

Talking to my friend Noemi, she gave me an idea to change the name of my blog, as I always post about my work and the old fart that I work for, I hardly post anything about my personal life, guess that's because I don't have a life but only a working life? Oh my Omnipresent God! I'm a friggin' Dork!

This can't be good can it? What if I get to live my own life? Does that mean I will stop blogging? I've been thinking tho as this is my only entertainment besides instant messaging my one or two friends and never go out anywhere.

I'm so pathetic.

I'll go hide under my desk now.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

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