Wednesday, August 03, 2005

humpty Dumpty Wednesday!


I can't believe is Wednesday already; it's incredible, so incredible I feel like I haven't done anything productive. My boss is not here today, more holy this Wednesday could not be, unless I won the lottery or a very hot man took me to a dark alley and...


Ok back to me; Saturday night I was having a little discussion with BF about whether I should buy a house and give it as rent or just put myself to live in it, and I must say that idea of living in it is not exciting because I'm very picky you know, and if I want to live in a house of my own that house would be custom made, so I can enjoy living in it. Anyhoo, I still can't afford paying off a mortgage unless I have someone to support me to what I said "I'll do what ever you suggest me once I get married".

Guuulp! went BF

Of course I never said I was going to marry him or another guy; but I scared him, just a bit, enough for him to call me on Sunday night and tell me he misses me too much.

Well that's a progress...

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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