Thursday, August 25, 2005

2 Days 18 hours and Counting!


I can’t believe August is almost over and with that the summer picnic is almost here. I was planning on not going but after my boss paid me the days without even asking if I was telling him the truth that I was sick well I might as well return the favor and give them the joy of my presence.

So I have my book ready just in case I must stay more than 10 minutes but I’ll be just wondering around making sure everybody important sees that I am there and then I’ll forget something in my car and I’ll disappear; end of story.

I hate summer picnics and worse I hate spending time with the company people, these are people I do not enjoy spending time with, why do I have to see their ugly faces over the weekend when I have to see them every friggin’ day Monday thru Friday 10 hours or more.

Nah ah! I am not staying more than 10 minutes over there that’s it.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

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