Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Wednesday Humpy!

One potato…two potato….three potato…Fouuuur!

#1 WTF is wrong with this company? Yesterday I had to send a document to a guy who forgot it at the security gate, we all know every company should have a carrier account, hey maybe a FeDex or a UPS or DHL or what ever so you don’t have to go through all that trouble of licking a stamp and licking an envelope and drive all the way to a post box. Ooohh no, here we don’t have such thing as a carrier, here we have to lick those damn stamps and lick those damn envelopes and drive all the way to the post box to send the damn document. Why if there are electronic toilets and a state of the art surveillance system we don’t have a carrier account? This is ridiculous.

#2 WTF is wrong with BF lately? Did some weird fly bite him? He’s been acting all mushy and crap, I don’t think he’s BF anymore; the food in US must be changing him (see what happens when eating too many burgers and fries? People change). Two days ago he told me while driving around that he said to his friend he wanted to go to TJ and see his girlfriend and then had to drive all the way back to the states for his second job, the friend said to him “You’re damn crazy?? You want to go to TJ then drive back the same day?” BF answered “OF course, I miss my girlfriend, I don’t see her much anymore and I love her”. AMAZING what living apart can do to a relationship.

#3 WTF with those Mexican stamps? Ha! I laugh at that, yes yes I laugh at it, if you go to the Mexican ebay those little postal stamps with the African character “Memin Pinguin” are selling in 50 bucks each! Take that Jessie Jackson and all his committee for trying to remove them from the market because they’re an offence to the African people. Ha! In your face! Ha…Ha…Ha! Oh and did I mention they’re re-releasing the comic strips since Volume one all over again? These are going to sell like hot pan cakes…In Yoouuurr facceeee!

#4 WTF is wrong with Society??!! Yesterday I was talking to this guy who works in payroll and he just told me how much he hates HR beyotch. Right at lunch time I see them eating together and laughing as if they were the best of friends ever, I could have swore HR beyotch was feeding payroll guy with her own fork. That’s too disgusting for me.

Stay away from me hideous freaks of nature!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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