Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Wednesday Humps!

I have Maracas….

I can’t believe the week is not over yet, it’s eternal pain right now people, I mean really. Not only have I had several bad days with boss since last Monday but…but, just yesterday morning when I was pulling out of my garage I broke my right side mirror. Oh now how can someone be so stupid to break its own mirror? Well that’s just me of course. Plus I need the change the tires in my car because I am just waiting for the second where my 4 tires will go “boom”. Plus now I have to fill out a vacation permit for the 4th of July I took for a day off. Oh my Gwaad, damn H.R. Beyotch is making my life miserable, hope she toasts while she’s laying on the beach. Oh because now the new policy for the H.R. Beyotch is that she can have a week vacation even though she’s been working for Nutter Industries for about let’s see 6 months now? WTF.

Anyhoo, back to me. I’m right now in the middle of the end of the month and papers are flying here and there, I can’t type correctly because a staple is stuck somewhere between the keyboard and now the “E” keeps getting stuck and I keep shaking the keyboard and it just sounds like maracas but nothing comes out.

Damn Staple!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


Aaaaawww...Now Jay is leaving too? Dammit!

Alright, one more empty spot to fill...who's got some good links?

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