Monday, July 11, 2005

Speaking of Eternal Debts!


I just got off from paying my laptop to BF when BF just offered my dad to buy him a new computer with his credit card and my dad would give him a small amount each month. That’s too sweet of him of course, what kind of son I law would do such a thing for his inlaws. Well, just this one for what I know because I don’t consider BF as a son in law for my parents although my parents think that’s the man I will “marry”…sure!

So, now I have this big commitment to act nice with BF all this time while my father finishes up his debt with BF which will be in about a year or more (God help me); also I have to carry with the remorse of not being able to date anybody or at least flirt around with any guy because my father now is “certain” BF is the right man for me because he is the most generous man he has ever met in his 62 years of life.

Thank you very much I may now hang myself from the tallest tree there is in this city.

Changing the subject to a pathetic one. Boss called me this morning and told me “I want you to clean up my desk because it’s a mess (if you don’t tell me I don’t notice), so I’m going to clear up these two drawers here so you can use hanging folders and make me a file ok?” Sure that’s not a problem, it’s not like it’s a whole lot of mess is it?

Well he called me again 20 minutes later and said to me “Ok, I have cleared up the drawers I told you so you can come now and clean up my things”

Pft! Yeah right! I’m coming right now and leave all the stuff I need to do before I leave so I can go to your office and clean up your shit. Oh, right! Suuuure in his dirty dreams I will.

And like my friend Noemi told me “What the…he’s an old fart”

So now Drama Queen came to my desk and told me boss is very pissed, and feels untouchable today, dammit, that’s not a good sign, with all of that I am going to his office and tell this old fart I’m not making his files until Saturday, and that’s final, and that should be considered as a payment from the 4th of July I got off.

Oh hell yes, I’m not in a good mood either.

Happy Monday Everyone!

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