Friday, July 22, 2005

The Quickie I’ve Been Waiting For!


Ah finally it’s Friday, oh yes, yes, yes, what to do? What to do with all this free time??

Oh yes:

#1 Clean up house, it’s just a must, it smells like eggs… don’t ask

#2 Go to a yunk yard and buy me that mirror I broke…I’m so dumb

#3 Wait for the plummer to fix the water pump that broke god knows when and the water stinks…like rotten eggs.

#4 Need to go to Costco (again) and buy some special fruit juice for BF that he so loves must I say so much. Why didn’t he tell me that last week? That way I didn’t have to go there twice…crap!

#5 Hope there is no #5

Guess there’s no way of going to the beach this weekend huh?

Happy Friday Everyone!

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