Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Hot Hump Wednesday I call...Humpday!

Why do I feel here like I belong to the Italian Mafia?....

Fridays are the days when everybody eats lunch outside the company. Nutter Industries is no exception, except that if we want to go eat lunch outside we should all be going together, I mean, all, like everybody who works here like a big ole family (crap) going to eat and be happy, even if you’re not, you’re supposed to pretend (smile dammit!) and if you don’t socialize and play around by the family rules you’re dead meat.

So last Friday a girl in my company asks me if I want to go out for lunch, to my amusement and surprise I said yes, we agreed to go to a sushi restaurant. I didn’t know HR Beyotch was planning a sushi lunch day out with the rest of the losers at Nutter Ind. That meant a black storm was coming. As few of you know I have issues with HR Beyotch, actually I just changed her nick after looking at her Hoochie Mamma shoes, so now she’ll be called the HR Hoochie or HRHM alright?

Well, as I was saying, I have issues with the HR Hoochie Mamma because long time ago I didn’t want to sit down at her table at lunch time (what ever) so whenever there’s a HR Hoochie Mamma and Yoli on the side there’s some gossip going on. So, this girl calls me up and says HRHM is inviting the losers to the same Sushi place, to what I reply “no problem I’m just not sitting at their table”. (Air inhalation please…thank you).

We get to the sushi place ahead of everybody and straight upstairs we went to have our quiet lunch, when the losers showed up and wanted to sit where we were “hold it, this is not your table people move it!” I said.

When we finished we had to walk by losers and the lunch coordinator aka HRHM (ha!)

Oh they ate me…alive!

By Monday the incident passed through every ear in the company through the Old Fart.


Though he didn’t tell me anything he was sure angry because I didn’t eat with the rest of the family. What am I member of “La Cosa Nostra”?


I think I just earned myself a 0% evaluation for next year. Ha!... Like I really care about that crap anyway.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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