Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Yoli's Love Connection !

I should have my own TV show…

So there’s this girl that’s trying to take her stupid boyfriend out of her heart but she can't, of course that’s so difficult after a year and a half relationship. Hers have been tortuous nonetheless, and the only thing I can do is listen to her while she cries about it. Did I mention I was once again a spitting bucket on Friday while I was having a delicious fish fillet? Imagine the picture, I would never do what she did.

She was eating and crying at the same time, really, how can she do it? I can’t, either I cry or I eat, either I’m sad and die or starvation or I’m happy and eat like a pig, I can’t be sad and eat like a pig at the same time, for me that’s like putting salt to your coffee, that cant happen, can it? I guess she’s kinda used to that eating and crying infront of people now.

Anyway, I thought she would leave her fish untouched, guess I was wrong, she ate until the last itty bitty grain of rice there was left on the dish, I was amused and open mouthed. And still she was crying like someone just died infront of her eyes. This woman is weird.

So I tried and figure out what could I do to help her forget about the guy and the only thing that would come up my mind is have BF’s brother ho’ come to the rescue. He’s a miracle I tell ya, he just makes you forget the other guy ever existed, believe me, I already did his magical spell. Ha!

So I tried to fix up a hang out together Saturday night with a it’s not a date thing you know. So I told BF, BF didn’t understand what I meant, until I almost choked him and told him to not even mention the word meet/introduce into the converation, it was just an invitation to go clubbing all together, and the same I told this girl, who said she would be happy to go. I was happy too.

Well things didn’t go as expected, we were supposed to meet at this weird cowboy nightclub which I have never been before, and as soon as I saw the huge cowboy hats and the cowboy boots I said “I’m not going in there, there’s gotta be fleas and dust mites all over the place, hell maybe somebody didn’t even take a shower before coming in here”. So I just waited outside the club while BF looked for his brother ho’ and he found nothing. We waited for over an hour while the rest of the gang arrived, finally just two came around and we changed the place to hang out; still no signs of brother ho’ or this girl. I sent a txt to the girl and asked where she was, she said she was hangover and sleepy and might not make it (greeeat!).

Good thing brother ho’ was nowhere to be found because BF said the wrong thing when he invited his brother ho’ clubbing: “Hey, my girlfriend wants you to meet some girl from her work, wanna come?” WTF! I told him earlier not to say that! Dammit, men can be so stupid sometimes.

Anyway, the night was spoiled, the two guys that were supposed to meet and where the center never showed up ha! Aint’ that a coincidence, I think that means they are not supposed to be together, or I should take the message as such.

Oh well, so anybody have a single thirty something year old man who wants to meet this girly?

Send me your requests at no extra cost.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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