Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A Tsunami Alert Wednesday!

I’m getting sick and tired of this curse nonsense…

I was lucky, I live 2 blocks away from the beach. Did I get any alert on my city about this tsunami thingy? No, did I know earlier enough to get out of my house so I didn’t drown in the middle of the night? No. I knew until this morning on the radio. Did I freak out? Yes, and a lot.

That was the last thing I needed to complete that curse some of the people who know me have upon me. A tsunami drowning me, oh that’s great, I mean really, really great. Well after 20 years one of those hit my little town and it really made huge disasters you can still see in the beach obstructing the nice view. Yes they’re those little crushed pieces of blocks and one or two toilets still half dug into the sand; it’s quite an attraction really.

I’m still watching you people! You think you can kill me with one little wave, oh, you’re so totally friggin’ wrong. I bought myself a rubber ducky life saver and a rubber ducky jacket an umbrella and a kayak. Oh yes and an oxygen tank, and I’m sleeping with all of that just in case it hits me while I’m sleeping.

I’m too young to diiieeeeeee….

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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