Thursday, June 09, 2005

Thursday Raaaashhhh!

I gots it...I gots it...

Well, it looks like it's still there, it's definitely there, it's so there I don't have my pants on and my panties are rolled down, and I'm not horny nor I have a hunky hunk waiting for me in bed...although I wish I had but not with this rash, speaking of the rash, oh yes, like I was saying, I have been in work only had a day because this rash doesn't let me keep my pants on, I just need to take them off and I can't work without clothes (although my bossed wished, I could, rriiight).

Did I mention my rash is exactly all over my waist line and hips and that is the reason why I can't wear anything there, by end no clothes are allowed (I didn't know my body knew how to boicot me this good, really). Like in a good session of counteranalysis once told me, when my body needs rest it will ask for it, in one way or the other but it will and as I didn't listen to it since way back well now my own body has me with no pants on.

Thank you body, I learned my lesson, you can stop it now, really, I mean really. Cut it out!!!

See what I have to deal with here people? My own body has a"body" of it's own, and it's just like the owner (me), if it doesn't get what it wants, it will get it one way or the other.

Oh my god!!!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

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