Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Summer time Wednesday Hump!

And all that crap that comes along...

You can feel it in the air, summer time is coming, oh yes is comming, my car already is starting to feel it, it overheat yesterday.

Summer time is here, oh yes, yes, yes. In the office everybody is talking about the summer picnic; my boss already sentenced me to go otherwise no more paid permissions. Gulp!

So I just heard that they've changed the place about 3 times already in the last month, first we were going to have it in one of the most touristc places in Rosaro beach; then they changed it to someplace not so much of a touristic place but still it was very popular for its golf courses. Now they've changed it again to a somewhat hotel called the Rosarito Beach (what the hell). Next thing I'll know they'll change it somewhere near a sewage spillage and dead seals. No thank you.

The subject of the summer picnic will be Hawaii, so we should be dressed with anything that has something related to Hawaii, Imagine me with two coconuts and a palm tree skirt dancing the hula (I don't think so). But what I will sure do is make me a good coconut costume, although I am in a dilema here, either I dress up like a pineapple or a coconut; hell I still have two whole months to think about it. In the mean time I'll keep whinning about how my evaluation is around the corner and I am so sure that my boss will point out to me how anti social I am and how I never want to cooperate with them whenever there is a party or orgy going on.

Hell I am not that crazy, I rather have a huge ass zero in my evaluation than sleeping with the VP midget.

I got a call from the HR Biyotch yesterday:

HRB: Say Yolanda I was wondering... I'm recruiting people to be a part of the organization comittee for the summer picnic games and I want to ask you if you would like to be a part of it?

Me: No


That was fast wasn't it?

I'll bring me a book to read to the picnic by the way and a huge sign saying "I'm juts here because my boss told me too not because I want to, so bug off!"

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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