Friday, June 24, 2005

A Hot Friday Quickiee!

With double ee…

What a better way to show how efficient you are at work by just making people do what it needs to be done and then people hating you for it.

That’s what is beginning to happen in the last week. I now am being in charge of the purchase requests in my department and well, it’s not a big of a deal is it? Just ask for my stuff and expect to have it right away, or more likely, right now.

So I asked for a check for a seminar some of the monkeys are taking and I did that since last Wednesday, I told these freaks by written notice the check should be submitted along with the seminar request by email or fax before Monday.

It’s Friday now and the checks are not out, actually they just declined my whole request because they never knew the check should be submitted before the dead end and there are no funds, plus, it’s a foreigner vendor and an international check would have a special international service fee. WTF! Don’t people read emails in this company or notes in the purchase requests??!! This could have been taken care of they knew how to read!

I went whining about this with my boss, which means venting with the wall but it doesn’t matter at least people would not think I’m crazy if they saw me venting at my plastic turtle would they?

Still no response, the good thing is I made the check guy a foul of himself by telling everybody about it and now it went to the ears of the General Manager who is now pissed that I went everywhere whining about it.

Hey, it’s not my fault, somebody’s gotta help me out with this, I can’t be alone by myself handling this crap now can I? Now the monkeys are happy because they’re taking cash to the seminar and while they’re at it some cash for expenses. I knew my old ways of making things work would never stop working. It always works I tell ya.

If anybody in this company ever kind of dislike me for no reason, now they have a reason to hate me.

I think the old grumpy Yoli is back…hurrah!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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