Monday, June 20, 2005

Hippidy Monday!


Summer time, isn’t it great? The people in the beach, barbecues at the park, flies flying all around and mosquitos drinking your blood. I wouldn’t exchange that for the world.

Most of all because it’s the time where I am depressed to an extreme, and I really don’t know why. Yesterday there was this beautiful sunny day, it was great to go for a walk in my little town but, but, I was too damn lazy to get out of bed, so I stayed in pj’s most of the day until the afternoon, when I changed my dirty pj’s for a clean set.

Anyhoo, changing this depressing subject to another of the same gender:

Saturday I fixed my parents some Tempura with rice for lunch and crepes with cream cheese for dessert. Very international huh? And right before they left my mom told me “Aw this was so sweet to cook for us, it’s like a FATHER’S DAY CELEBRATION “

Dammit…Thanks ma! Now I’ll be banging my head on the wall for the rest of the year until next year where I’ll put a huge ass post it note every little place I walk by to remind me of Father’s day. If only she would have told me earlier, and not before they left.

So nothing in particular happened on Sunday. Oh yeah, now that I recall it. So I have this hi5 thingy account and I began searching the page for new cool people and guess what I found?! I found Michael Jackson’s page, so I added it right away, fool I will be if the guy who says is Michael Jackson it really isn’t because I just sent him a message telling him how much of a fan I am of him. Bleah!

What an embarrassment, I simply forget sometimes I’m not a teenager anymore.

Oh my god why does time have to fly so fast!????

I must get back to work, and I’ll be catching up on your blogs, don’t thing I have forgotten all of you, still I haven’t put down my red alert for the people who want to hurt me by putting a damn curse on me.

You are just going to have to do something better than an earthquake and a tsunami alert to scare me. I’m watching you, yes you, don’t turn around it’s you, I’m watching you!

Happy Monday Everyone!

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