Friday, June 03, 2005

Friday the Acheeee!…Oyyyy….Quickie!

Kleenex please…

As I was saying, my nose is dripping, my eyes are watery, my body is achy, I have to work with a tissue on one hand and using the other hand to work, one little mistake and I drip the papers I’m working on. This really sucks; although is not so bad because that gives me the excuse to excuse myself early today to get enough rest.

Now BF is going to find me all sick and crappy; this will be a way to BF proof me how much he loves me…oh yes.

So after the crash, the UTI (did I forget to say I have a pippi problem now?) and now this cold, really I cannot ask for anything else. Oh I forgot to mention yesterday my rear view mirror broke and I had to drive half blind all the way home. I tried to glue it with krazy glue and it didn’t work, with wood glue and it fell down again, at the end I had to duck tape the damn thing to the roof so it stayed still. Now let’s see if it falls down again, but I am not driving with no rear view mirror one more time.

Please oh mighty one, enough already, I get the picture.

I’m Alive and should be thankful…Alright already!!!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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