Thursday, June 30, 2005

And the Race is On!

Speaking of race...

You all know I only talk about politics and such when I am really annoyed at something. Well now I am annoyed, I am extremely annoyed, so annoyed I am going to post today. Ha!

Why am I annoyed you ask? So simple; I was eating my delicious lentil soup when I heard the news, "U.S. Speaks Up on Mexican Stamp Controversy".

WTF people of North America? You see, for our culture the way we mock at our own people is plain and simple, we call everything by its name and we don’t cry about it, in fact we mock about every aspect of our own lives and we don’t cry about it? Do you see me crying about me mocking my own life? I didn’t think so.

Well then so, why you bother about how we make cartoons in our culture when you have problems in your own like, let’s see now, oh yes, illegal immigrant crossing the borders and nobody doing anything about it (If I were the US government I would put an electric wall of 5000 watts just to see how them Mexicans turn into human tostadas, how about that for stopping illegal immigrants huh?)

Well now going back to the subject, now it’s somewhere written, I don’t have the manual but Reverend Jackson and other heavy heads in the US government “say” “black” is a bad word and draw black characters is an offence to the African race, well, excuse me but then how am I supposed to call that dark color black if it’s black or draw an African little fellow without putting color to it? I just don’t get it.

Just a week ago me, a friend of mine and my parents went to a restaurant buffet for breakfast, my friend was looking for decaffeinated tea, sure there was a decaf, but what kind of tea was it? She asked a guy right next to her:

Friend: It doesn’t say what kind of decaf tea is this, do you know by any chance?

Guy: Well it says there it’s decaf.

Friend: Well I already know that but what kind of tea is it? It doesn’t say.

Guy: (with a strange look on his face said again) it’s decaf

Friend: (Thinking for a minute then it comes to her) oh, so it’s black decaffeinated tea?

Damn! She said the wrong word; when she came to our table she said she messed up big time with a guy, I asked her what had happened and she told me “well I said it’s black tea and the guy just freaked out, until right now I realized the guy is African American and when I said the word “black” he made an uncomfortable looking face”.

So that’s why the tea bag didn’t say “black tea”? Is this to the point we are all going now? I don’t think the tea bag would have felt offended by calling it black though; in fact, why would the guy feel offended by the word black tea in the first place? Would he feel less offended if my friend would have said: “Oh, it’s African American decaffeinated tea”, or “Oh, it’s B word god may punish me for saying because everybody will think I’m a racist decaffeinated tea”.

I don’t think so.

Going back to the subject of the stamps made in Mexico.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, so what? The cartoon character is black, but he’s the star of the comic books, he’s the popular little fellow that everybody loves and he’s so smart he gets into a lot of trouble for it, just like any other smart cartoon character would, right? But just because it’s black, oh, that’s a big deal, the U.S. heads demand to take that comic book off the shelves and those postal stamps out of circulation because it’s pure racism to the core and it’s offensive to the public and last but not least, demand an apology from my President to the African American public for publishing such things.

People, please! There’s nothing to apologize for and deal with it.

If my culture was as picky or as prejudice as my neighbors in the North we would have filed a law suit against the WB for making Speedy Gonzalez a goofy character right? Or banned the Movie “Clueless” for making Alicia Silverstone say “I don’t speak Mexican” and name a bunch of other television programs for making a foul of our culture. But we don’t and we laugh with it and we enjoy the joke and the mocks.

That’s just how we are.

The only ones who are offended are those with low self esteem, that have peanut butter in their heads and morbid thoughts that what ever they see, smell, hear and touch is bad.

We just see colors as they are and say what it is without changing the meaning of it, after all that’s what it is, and there’s no changing to it as much as you want to cover it.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

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