Thursday, May 19, 2005

Too Good to be True!

It was November 22nd. 1999….

I was introduced to the Internet for the first time in September of 1999, and I felt fascinated by it. A whole new world was waiting to be discovered and I couldn’t wait to see it. The first thing I did was logging into a chat room as “Rubberbond”, nobody knew my gender, or my age, they only knew I was from Mexico; I was mocking who ever entered the chat room, joking around and people laughing at my jokes, I loved the attention I never got from my real world, the introvert that I was never existed while I was in that chat room, everybody knew me, everybody cheered every time I logged in there; lots of girls were hitting on me thinking I was a male but I never responded if I was or not, still nobody cared and people kept calling me “Rubber the heshe”.

November 22nd. Somebody logged in with a very peculiar nick, he identified himself as a 29 year old male from Egypt; I started joking around with him as I always did with anybody who logged in there but he got angry at my joke and whispered to me I was not being polite with him and I should apologize; I was shocked, nobody ever said anything like that to me before and so I apologized, I was embarrassed and didn’t know what else to say but then he asked me questions about me, as I couldn’t joke around anymore I told him I was a 20 year old girl from Mexico, he was surprised I was a girl and then he apologized for talking to me in a rude way; I was amazed by the guy’s kindness he was a guy with etiquette. We whispered hours and hours into the night, we talked about everything and the conversation seemed endless; he said he was single and was looking for that perfect romantic love but couldn’t find it anywhere (of course sounds corny and fake), I couldn’t stop thinking of how the guy really was but all his words felt sincere; I was taken away by his words, I really don’t recall how it happened but the next thing I was writing was “If you were infront of me I would tell you I loved you”, he asked me to repeated to him many times and so I did, immediately after that he asked me if he could hear my voice, I said yes without even realizing the time and that my parents were sleeping; I gave him my phone number and a few seconds later the phone rang. It was him, he was calling me from Egypt to my phone just to listen to my voice; he asked me to repeat the same thing I told him over the net and I said the same sentence I wrote to him over the net, his voice sounded happy, even more than happy, joyful, cheerful, excited, all mixed together; he told me he felt the happiest man on earth from hearing such sweet words coming from me.

The conversation didn’t last more than 1 minute, it was long distance and I was mute from the impression of a stranger calling into my house at 4 am and my father coming down the stars asking me what was I doing on the phone at that time.

From that moment on a very special relationship developed and we would meet every night at one time exactly, and after ending our chat he would call me to wish me a good night and sweet dreams and spend 5 to 10 even 15 minutes on the phone talking some more. The next day we would write to each other very long letters talking about our days, our families and what we like and we don’t like and everything that came up in our minds; we were getting to know each other very well.

On January 16th, 2000 I found a letter that was the most shocking of all; the subject said “I’m sorry Yoli” and my heart froze.

To be continued…

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