Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Today is Mamis Day!

Remember the day when your kid was born, it hurt didn’t it?

Today in my country we celebrate Mamis Day, I don’t know where else the celebration is today also, so for all of those women who have those little midgets so called kids from the underground…


And of course for us who don’t have anything that looks like a child…


Speaking of motherhood, I’ve been asked many times if I ever want to have a child and as always my answers have been “HELL NO”, it’s too much responsibility, besides, I am a selfish bitch who doesn’t want to share any little space inside or outside myself. Of course I’ve heard many of my friends who say they don’t want to have a child because they have other interests in their lives than taking care of a child and that having one would make them stop or slow them down on their life project but after a couple of years I see them not only with one child but with 2 or 3, and they’re a bunch of happy mothers who don’t want anything else in the world but to see their blossom grow and be a role model for the human race.

Damn, must I say you all mothers are brave, I’m just too scared and like I said before is too much responsibility for me to take care of a new human being who’s counting on me to teach and guide through life and form into a useful man or woman worthy of this life and not be another one polluting the planet (I guess many of you didn’t even thought of a child like a human but more like a little doll to play with right?). I just wouldn’t know how and really I wouldn’t like to find out now or in the near future, I’ll live it up to all you women to do the work for me, they’re so many already, who needs one more?

And as I always keep my words, when I say I don’t want kids I mean I don’t want kids which is equal to I really, really don’t want kids even around me, I am allergic to them critters. BF says he doesn’t want to have babies and I’ve talked to him about having a vasectomy if he really doesn’t want to have one but he’s too damn scared of the doctor might cut out his wee wee. Chicken!

I really don’t mind of going through the pain of surgery to avoid me from having children, but unfortunately the world we live in is an ignorant piece of shit that follows their frigging instincts and prevent, forbid, and even punish those women like me who have determined to not be mothers for the rest of our lives. What the heck do they care? I am actually doing you all a favor for not overpopulating the planet and you still tell me I can’t go through surgery if I haven’t had any children because I might regret it in the future.

Really people, don’t tell me what I can and not do, please!

I am very aware of the negative reactions that may cause my body if I don’t conceive; it’s a natural cycle but I am willing to accept the consequences, I am not scared. I was sent here for a few reasons and I know exactly one of those reasons are not be a mother.

For those doctors who avoid women like me, I have no words to describe I feel sorry for your sorry ignorant asses, if it’s a decision we make as free women then let us do what we must, if others regret it later is their stupid business, they should have thought of it before going through it.

Unfortunately because of those indecisive women, we the ones who really stand in our firm decisions of not conceiving have to pay for their ignorance; thank you, really thank you very fucking much, you all have screwed up my life, my freedom and the freedom of other women like me. THANK YOU!

Anyway, I got myself out of the subject.

So for all of you lucky women with babies, expecting babies, having babies or are in the middle of trying (bwahaa); from the bottom of my heart I wish you a very, very joyful motherhood.

Mothers of the world, please do me all a favor and teach your children right; I and many other people around hate crying babies, mischievous, ranty obnoxious, spoiled kids; and whenever you say “No” to your children, really mean it.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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