Friday, May 06, 2005

Super Friday Quickie!

Finally my tooshie will rest in peace for now...

Guess how bad it was? It was terrible I tell you, I couldn't seat or stand in a good position and there was a moment where I couldn't even walk correctly because I was feeling a pole stuck into my ass.

Well now the pain is almost gone and my muscles are not as sore as yesterday so I guess I can handle another spinning session, and hopefully I don't faint from the pain, so wish me luck.

Still no plans on what to do over the weekend, BF is still clueless like all this time, so you're not the only one confused about all this; I'm just expecting the unexpected like last night when BF called me to tell me he couldn't find me my tooshie cushion, well, it was already 9:30 pm so I thought maybe he was not able to come visit me until he asked:

BF: I missed you

Me: Me too

BF: I'm tired, and I want to go see you

Me: I'll take care of you

BF: but I don't know if it's worth going over there

Me: W.H.A.T!?

BF: Well it's too far away and I have to be at work tomorrow by 7 and it's 9:30 already

Me: What the fuck do you mean is it worth it? What, am I not worth the trip?

BF: No, no I didn't mean that, I said, worth it of the traffic and the time and I'm tired

Me: That's exactly my fucking point! You mean I am not worth it

BF: No it's not about you! Why do you always have to think things are always about you, it's not about you, you don't understand my situation...

Me: No I don't understand anything when you're saying I'm not worth the trip all the way over here, like it was sooo far away, what the fuck?

BF: Oh, there you go again, you're angry...

Me: Hell yes I am angry, how can I not be when you're questioning if either is worth it or not to come see me, what the heck do you think?

What the heck is he thinking anyway?

And I sure hope it was a language communication problem because if it wasn't then he is definitely loosing the house keys forever!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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