Monday, May 02, 2005

Monday Blah!

Oh my Feet...

I don't know how many steps I made during this weekend but all I know I have brand new corns under my feet, oh and I got a killer sun tan just about in the tip of my nose and a little piece of my neck, yeah I forgot to put some sun block right there, so now those are the only parts of my body that are actually red and hurt to death. I have a slight idea I am going to get a new nick name, something similar to "strawberry nose" or "Rudolpha the red nose chick" what ever comes up is alright.

Went to Seaworld on saturday with BF and got ourselves the year pass, hurray for me, I can get into seaworld for free for the rest of the friggin year, at least something had to come up right in my life, right?

Went to the zoo on sunday with BF's sister and little nephew; for those of you who have followed up on my relationship with the inlaws is not a very good one, and if you might remember these people are very sedentary, so you can imagine sister in law with the kid in a zoo, it was more like bench sitting, eating, sorta sleeping and not moving while I was burning up with desire of visiting the monkey cages, the girafe's and ostriches, and now that I remember, I didn't see any ostriches, actually the zoo was kind of crappy, I didn't like it, well actually we didn't get to see much of it because sister in law and the kid were busy sitting in every little bench they could see nearby.

Today I took mom to the shopping mall to supply her with summer clothes, we walked around 7 hours, good thing I was inside a shop or I would have gotten me a much killer nose burn, thank you god.

So in short I'm all sucked up, I have no money to survive the rest of the week perhaps even the month, I am completely tired, my nose is red, I have corns on my feet, I'm urging for new vacations to rest the past ones; but who is going to prevent me from signing up at the gym tomorrow?

My lazy ass maybe, 'cause I have no excuses anymore, I got me new gym clothes, dammit!

Happy Monday Everyone!

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