Thursday, May 12, 2005

In The News Today!

Traffic and other crap…

I learned something new this morning that I kind of thought of it but never realized it, you know it was one of those mornings where you’re really rushing yourself to work because you’re late and you’re trying to pass everybody? Well, that’s me almost every morning; so I wanted to pass to the other lane right? But there was this car that wasn’t really moving much but quite slow on the left lane so I needed to go, so I turn my left signal to let the car know I am moving there and just as expected, the car accelerated more so I couldn’t pass.

This happens actually every time everybody here wants to pass to other lanes, it’s as if you don’t and will not let them go infront of you ever! WTF is wrong with those people anyway? Didn’t they ever go to traffic school? Oh yeah I forgot these people come from Mexico city and have no idea what those traffic signals mean? Maybe they think is a way of communicating to you to let you know you’re going too damn slow and you better hit that gas before I get out of my car and kick your ass!

Really I am beginning to think that’s the reason why nobody lets anybody go if there’s a light signal on. So from now on, I am not turning my light signals, I’m just going to bump in front of the car and see what happens, maybe they think it’s the more polite way to go.

What ever!

Went to my parents home last night and it’s really getting very depressing every time I go there and visit, first of all because my parents always ask me about BF, then they tell me about all my cousins who are getting divorced some time this month and then talk to me about some friend of their that has problems with another cousin and she wants to move out of the town she’s living in, actually she’s planning to come live with my parents. I definitely don’t like that crap.

Anyhoo, I got me some pizza to go wee, I love my mom, she still treats me like a little girl.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

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