Monday, May 16, 2005

I Am The Greatest Girlfriend in the Whole Wide Wooooorld!

And dammit he knows well…

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to please my man, I don’t care who the man at the moment is as long as he’s the man, and he knows he’s the man ‘cause I always show him…he’s the man; and how do I show him he’s the man?

He gets breakfast in bed
He gets pampered
I don’t let him move a finger for anything he needs
I’m always on the watch if he ever needs anything and always trying to not cause him any trouble in any way.

Another proof that HELL I am the greatest girlfriend in the whole wide world was yesterday; BF and I went to the beach to spend the rest of the morning and watch a little bit of the ocean while it was getting time for lunch, we were starving, I was in the mood for seafood or a good steak, and he was in the mood for shrimp; we could have gone to a nice restaurant but knowing the BF’s financial situation I didn’t want to choke him with something like that. So I came up with a great idea “Why don’t we go to Costco and buy us a broiled chicken and eat it here?” BF was confused but agreed on the plan so we headed up to Costco to get us our broiled chicken.

At the cashier there were carts filled with stuff, everybody paying over 100 dollars worth of crap nobody really needs and BF and I were waiting in line with the cart having only the broiled chicken inside, the woman infront of us looks at the cart and then turns to BF and asks him:

Woman: Is that it?, Just a chicken? You came all the way to Costco making this huge line just to pay for a chicken?”

BF: Yes, we’re hungry and my girlfriend told me to come here and get a chicken for lunch (grins)

Woman: A Costco chicken for lunch?

BF: Yes (still grinning)

Woman: Your girlfriend is great, I wouldn’t ask my boyfriend to go get a chicken at Costco (laughin)

BF: It’s a good tasting chicken (grin)

Woman: Oh yes it is, no doubt about that (laughs), but a Costco chicken? … Enjoy your lunch (smiles)

Oh yes we were pretty serious about the chicken alright, but not even the cashier believed us:

Cashier: Is that all you’re taking?

BF: Yes

Cashier: A chicken?

BF: Yes

Cashier: Alright, that will be $5.67 please

And off we went with our cart and our broiled chicken bought in Costco, yes it’s cheaper and it’s very good chicken what’s the problem with that I am asking? Because people were just staring at us like we were two crazy people making line to pay a broiled chicken.

So while eating the chicken with our hands and no napkins at the Costco food stands I asked the BF. “What kind of girlfriend will ever ask you to buy a cheap chicken for lunch? Am I a good girlfriend or what?”

And so BF just shook his head up and down with his greasy fingers because he was too buzy eating the damn chicken to answer my question.

Happy Monday Everyone!

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