Monday, May 30, 2005

Happy Birthday To Me!

Dammit I'm getting old...

I had a birthday yesterday, it's unavoidable. Good thing I haven't grown any facial marks but hell do I have gray hair all over my damn head.

And as a birthday present my own skin gave me a huge ass pimple on my scalp WTF! So I've been crying every morning whenever I wash my head, it hurts too much.

Changing from a very depressing subject to another:

Being 26 is not pretty at all; knowing I still have 4 years more to do something beneficial about my life otherwise I will be a complete looser is not helping me at all. Geesh, I remember when I was 8 and I was thinking what my life will look like when I will reach 25; well, there I was, it wen't and what happened?

Somebody definitely stole a whole year away from me and I didn't even notice how it happened.

Now I am wondering how my life will be when I reach 40 and I MUST do something else besides this (what ever that is), and I better be aware of who is going to try to steal my years away because this time I am watching you all.

Happy Monday Everyone!

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