Friday, May 27, 2005

A Friday with a Bump Quickie!

I was not dead; I was busy…doing…stuff…

Alright, here are the reasons why I was not doing my daily good to sleep posts:

- I was in full shock after I told my parents to move in with me (what the hell is wrong with me these days?)

- I had a car accident yesterday that only involved a tiny little scratch to a brand new Nissan Sentra and 20 year old kid who thought I have turned his car into yunk. I ended up paying him 200 bucks for the invisible scratches to his car (What the hell is wrong with this guy and what the hell was I thinking when I hit the guy?…oh yeah, the reason above)

- I was again in full shock after I told BF I was having my parents moving in with me and he said he would pay me what ever I needed so I could be comfortable having my privacy. (I just can’t understand this man, he says one thing and does another)

Now I am just hoping I don’t have another car accident that involves another 20 year old kid and wants to repuff me….sshiiiaaattttt!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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