Monday, May 30, 2005

Happy Birthday To Me!

Dammit I'm getting old...

I had a birthday yesterday, it's unavoidable. Good thing I haven't grown any facial marks but hell do I have gray hair all over my damn head.

And as a birthday present my own skin gave me a huge ass pimple on my scalp WTF! So I've been crying every morning whenever I wash my head, it hurts too much.

Changing from a very depressing subject to another:

Being 26 is not pretty at all; knowing I still have 4 years more to do something beneficial about my life otherwise I will be a complete looser is not helping me at all. Geesh, I remember when I was 8 and I was thinking what my life will look like when I will reach 25; well, there I was, it wen't and what happened?

Somebody definitely stole a whole year away from me and I didn't even notice how it happened.

Now I am wondering how my life will be when I reach 40 and I MUST do something else besides this (what ever that is), and I better be aware of who is going to try to steal my years away because this time I am watching you all.

Happy Monday Everyone!

Friday, May 27, 2005

A Friday with a Bump Quickie!

I was not dead; I was busy…doing…stuff…

Alright, here are the reasons why I was not doing my daily good to sleep posts:

- I was in full shock after I told my parents to move in with me (what the hell is wrong with me these days?)

- I had a car accident yesterday that only involved a tiny little scratch to a brand new Nissan Sentra and 20 year old kid who thought I have turned his car into yunk. I ended up paying him 200 bucks for the invisible scratches to his car (What the hell is wrong with this guy and what the hell was I thinking when I hit the guy?…oh yeah, the reason above)

- I was again in full shock after I told BF I was having my parents moving in with me and he said he would pay me what ever I needed so I could be comfortable having my privacy. (I just can’t understand this man, he says one thing and does another)

Now I am just hoping I don’t have another car accident that involves another 20 year old kid and wants to repuff me….sshiiiaaattttt!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Too Good To Be True Part IV

How much is waiting too much?

When I heard the words “Stomach Cancer” is was as if someone hit me so hard on my head, the words kept pounding inside me like two big metals hitting each other. It was an unbearable pain. Tears were running from my eyes, I couldn’t speak, I forgot where I was, it was like a black hole that sucked me in, I couldn’t hear anything else but his words “I have Stomach Cancer”.

We both cried over the phone for a long time, and we kept our promise that what ever happened we would be with and for each other, and it meant we needed to meet as soon as possible no matter what. We were very optimistic of his visa approval, actually it was another opportunity so he could seek help for his illness in the US, maybe something that was not yet developed in his country but that it would be already under testing in the States. 4 days later the World Trade Center was destroyed, along with that, every chance I could ever have to meet him. We spoke about the possibilities of not getting a green light to visit the States because of that incident, still we rose hopes and he kept his word to go give it a try; I could do nothing else but to give him cheers of hope. When September 26 came, we were very nervous, he called me early at 3 am to tell me he was on his way to the embassy and get his visa; “I am finally going to see you my love”. As expected, he was declined; actually he got a red stamp with a huge VOID until 2006, which meant he would not request any visas until 5 years later. That meant nothing but wait some more.

His stomach was getting worst as days went by, he had to go under surgery after a few weeks which consisted on cutting two thirds of his stomach and part of his intestines and they were trying to save his spleen that was twice as large his normal size. He went into a coma for 10 days, in those days I didn’t know anything about him, but I received emails from his brother letting me know all the details about his health. After a month he was able to go back home and finally we met again to talk. He then told me he was having financial problems, the hospital would not discharge him because his bank account was empty and had nothing under his name, as expected, his current wife took every cent of his money while he was in a coma and she transferred to her bank account. With very little to do and no money left. The chances of ever meeting were disappearing little by little; I couldn’t do anything because I had no money at the time either, my salary was just enough for me to survive with nothing else to save, he was my only hope and he was in the same situation as I was.

Depression started to take over; more months passed and still there were no signs of ever meeting, it was March 2002 and I hit rock bottom, I had enough of waiting; we began having problems basically starting from me, from any little thing I would get angry at him, blaming him because I was not able to live my life as I wanted because I had to wait for him, wait for him for how long? I decided to end the relationship at that time once and for all. On May 2002 I told him I could not stand it anymore and I needed a break and so it was the very last time I spoke to him.

I needed to forget about him and everything that we had either if it was real or not; I was very depressed, I started dating and had plenty of one night stands, and the last one night stand I had was with BF, he was the only one that stood by my side, since the first moment I stayed with him he never let me go, it was as if he wanted to know me, like he knew that I needed to hold on to someone, and so I did.

BF and I have had our ups and downs, the relationship between us as you know is rare, still as much as I tried to forget the past I can’t. Every day since I ended my Internet relationship I had the word carved in my mind “What if”.

What if I waited a little longer? What if he’s the right man for me and I’m letting him go? What if I can’t forget about him ever? What if I am the one that needs to be there now? What if I just leave everything I go search for him? Maybe I will find the truth.

It’s been three years now and still the man who lives in the other side of the world is living inside my heart and my love for him is still the same, if not stronger.

I am just asking God before I die to give me the chance to meet him and tell him how much I love him.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Too Good To Be True Part III!

If I only knew the pain would be worst in the future…

I asked him why would he do such horrible thing to me if I never ever did anything wrong to him or anybody. I was devastated; you might guess what were the answers, they were logical, they were simple, but I couldn’t know, I was too young and immature at the time. We spoke on the phone for over an hour until he convinced me it was a real thing that was going between us and that he wasn’t joking around with me, to proof it, he arranged a trip to come visit me. I couldn’t believe it, I was going to meet him for the first time in so many months; we arranged the meeting in March of 2000, we made plans and while making those plans he asked me if he could ask for my hand in marriage while he was there for a visit, I was shocked but happy, but I didn’t know how to tell my parents that man I met over the internet was coming here to ask for my hand. I know my dad would be neurotically angry at both, so I didn’t tell him anything until the time for that meeting would come. The time for his meeting with the Mexican embassy came, but he was rejected, because of the political issues that were going on between Afghanistan and the US to destroy the Taliban regime the Mexican government had an agreement to restrict the middle eastern countries until the conflict was over.

The pain was worst than before when he told me he could not come to visit me, I didn’t believe him at first, I was getting bad ideas from my parents that maybe he was just playing with my feelings again and he never really go and get a visa and all of it was a big lie. I told him all of that. He swore under the name of his god he was telling me the truth, and to proof once more he was being honest on April 23rd. 2000, he sent me a parcel with his passport, along with an 18 kt gold ring with a huge white rock and a matching bracelet, $100 US dollars to pay the parcel with his documents back to him, and a very sweet handwritten letter, that letter had his favorite lotion sprayed all over, so as soon as I opened the package I could smell what he smelled like.

The passport had a stamp of the Mexican embassy in Egypt with the date he said he went and he was rejected. My feelings were mixed up, should I believe him or not? He sent me his passport to proof he was doing what he said, but my father on the other side was telling me it was all fake, “anybody can fake original documents, that means nothing” my father said. I was inconsolable again, I felt everything was against us and we were never going to be together.

“Maybe next year” we would say to each other, “Next year it will be different”.

Months passed after that; we planned another meeting for October or November of 2001 but this time he would go directly to the US Embassy and ask for a visa, he got an arranged an appointment for September 26th, 2001, but he was not feeling very good, he began feeling sick from time to time, he had stomach pains, and sometimes he could not stand any food and would not eat in days; his nose started bleeding for no particular reason and the bleeding would be worst every day, I could see him through the webcam he was not getting any better as days came, he was getting thinner, he was loosing color. He went to the hospital for a week after that, the doctors did many tests on him and couldn’t find anything wrong; he had to be sent to the capital city where they could do a scan on him to see what was wrong. I was extremely worried, I knew something wrong was going on and something tragic could come at the end.

On September 7th 2001 he would get his results from the tests, I was expecting him to call me at my work by 9 am an let me know how the tests came out. The hours passed, and I didn’t hear anything from him, I got worried, I dialed his phone and it was disconnected, I dialed his cell phone and it was off, I had nowhere else to call him or any other way to reach him and as the minutes passed the mortification was worst. I kept calling him to his two numbers, one after the other for over an hour again and again and I couldn’t stop dialing, I had to talk to him. Finally he answered the phone, his voice was shaking, he couldn’t speak correctly, I asked him what was going on? What happened? Yelling to him from the desperation. A long pause then the news.

Yolanda…I have stomach cancer.

To be continued…

Friday, May 20, 2005

Too Good to be True Part II

It was January 16th…

I checked my mailbox as every night I would before our meeting and I saw the subject on his email “I’m sorry Yoli”, For a moment I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know if I should read it or not, I was desperate and I felt my heart pounding very fast, I knew there was something I would not like in that letter, but I had to read it, I had no other choice.

The letter begun with his usual greeting “Hello my sweet princess, my lovely angel, my shining star…I wish you are doing well as always.

You are wondering why I am writing such subject, believe me is so hard for me to explain to you what I am about to tell you, I cried so much last night and I couldn’t sleep thinking about our last chat and how our relationship has grown so fast, and I promised you I would be sincere with you with all my heart. It really hurts me so much because I know you will hate me for this and you will never want to talk to me ever again…Remember I told you in our first meeting that I am a single man with no life behind, well it is not true, you were right when you said to me you didn’t believe me, I am married and have two children but I feel as if I am no longer married to that woman as she broke all my life dreams immediately after our marriage, I have been separated from this marriage for over 5 years now, I stopped seeing my first child 6 months after he was born and the second one I never got to meet him, it is the most difficult and hardest thing I could ever say to any one because it is you Yoli, I lied to you, I stained our relationship with me hiding the truth from you, I am really sorry Yoli, please forgive me, please, I know I don’t deserve you, I don’t deserve you ever talking to me again but I am willing to accept it if that is your decision, but please let me explain everything to you at our meeting tonight, please give me the opportunity to clear up every doubt you have about me because I want to be clean with you, I want to win your heart, I want to start all over again”

At that time I didn’t notice tears were running down my eyes as I kept reading the letter, I could not believe how someone could lie so easily, I was so na├»ve, I felt anger, I felt hatred, I felt I wanted to kill anyone who stood infront of me, I wanted to kill him. It was the most hurtful feeling I’ve ever felt in my whole life and I felt so stupid to believe someone I didn’t even know in person, I felt I was being mocked, how could someone mock at someone else’s feelings like that? I could not understand, it was too much for me at that moment.

I didn’t show up at our regular time, I was too disappointed and too angry and too sad at the same time to show up to him and ask him why? Why did he do that to me? Why? Why was he so mean if I never did anything bad to him or anyone else? I don’t deserve this. I don’t deserve this!

10 Minutes later the phone rang, it was 8:30 pm, I picked up the phone and it was him, he was still crying, he was apologizing to me, asking me to forgive him for being a bad man. I couldn’t answer to his pleed, I was crying so hard I couldn’t stop myself from crying so loudly my parents heard me and asked me what was wrong; I went up into my room and shut the door still with the phone on hand and his voice pleading for forgiveness.

The only word that could get out of my mind and my mouth was Why? Why did you do this to me? What did I do to you to deserve this?

To be continued….

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Too Good to be True!

It was November 22nd. 1999….

I was introduced to the Internet for the first time in September of 1999, and I felt fascinated by it. A whole new world was waiting to be discovered and I couldn’t wait to see it. The first thing I did was logging into a chat room as “Rubberbond”, nobody knew my gender, or my age, they only knew I was from Mexico; I was mocking who ever entered the chat room, joking around and people laughing at my jokes, I loved the attention I never got from my real world, the introvert that I was never existed while I was in that chat room, everybody knew me, everybody cheered every time I logged in there; lots of girls were hitting on me thinking I was a male but I never responded if I was or not, still nobody cared and people kept calling me “Rubber the heshe”.

November 22nd. Somebody logged in with a very peculiar nick, he identified himself as a 29 year old male from Egypt; I started joking around with him as I always did with anybody who logged in there but he got angry at my joke and whispered to me I was not being polite with him and I should apologize; I was shocked, nobody ever said anything like that to me before and so I apologized, I was embarrassed and didn’t know what else to say but then he asked me questions about me, as I couldn’t joke around anymore I told him I was a 20 year old girl from Mexico, he was surprised I was a girl and then he apologized for talking to me in a rude way; I was amazed by the guy’s kindness he was a guy with etiquette. We whispered hours and hours into the night, we talked about everything and the conversation seemed endless; he said he was single and was looking for that perfect romantic love but couldn’t find it anywhere (of course sounds corny and fake), I couldn’t stop thinking of how the guy really was but all his words felt sincere; I was taken away by his words, I really don’t recall how it happened but the next thing I was writing was “If you were infront of me I would tell you I loved you”, he asked me to repeated to him many times and so I did, immediately after that he asked me if he could hear my voice, I said yes without even realizing the time and that my parents were sleeping; I gave him my phone number and a few seconds later the phone rang. It was him, he was calling me from Egypt to my phone just to listen to my voice; he asked me to repeat the same thing I told him over the net and I said the same sentence I wrote to him over the net, his voice sounded happy, even more than happy, joyful, cheerful, excited, all mixed together; he told me he felt the happiest man on earth from hearing such sweet words coming from me.

The conversation didn’t last more than 1 minute, it was long distance and I was mute from the impression of a stranger calling into my house at 4 am and my father coming down the stars asking me what was I doing on the phone at that time.

From that moment on a very special relationship developed and we would meet every night at one time exactly, and after ending our chat he would call me to wish me a good night and sweet dreams and spend 5 to 10 even 15 minutes on the phone talking some more. The next day we would write to each other very long letters talking about our days, our families and what we like and we don’t like and everything that came up in our minds; we were getting to know each other very well.

On January 16th, 2000 I found a letter that was the most shocking of all; the subject said “I’m sorry Yoli” and my heart froze.

To be continued…

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Wednesday with a Heart Bump!

I question to think deeply of....

What would you do if the love of your life is tenths of thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of miles away and you can’t have her/him because of political and financial reasons?

Would you give up your love and get on with your life?

The reason for this question will come tomorrow.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Monday, May 16, 2005

I Am The Greatest Girlfriend in the Whole Wide Wooooorld!

And dammit he knows well…

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to please my man, I don’t care who the man at the moment is as long as he’s the man, and he knows he’s the man ‘cause I always show him…he’s the man; and how do I show him he’s the man?

He gets breakfast in bed
He gets pampered
I don’t let him move a finger for anything he needs
I’m always on the watch if he ever needs anything and always trying to not cause him any trouble in any way.

Another proof that HELL I am the greatest girlfriend in the whole wide world was yesterday; BF and I went to the beach to spend the rest of the morning and watch a little bit of the ocean while it was getting time for lunch, we were starving, I was in the mood for seafood or a good steak, and he was in the mood for shrimp; we could have gone to a nice restaurant but knowing the BF’s financial situation I didn’t want to choke him with something like that. So I came up with a great idea “Why don’t we go to Costco and buy us a broiled chicken and eat it here?” BF was confused but agreed on the plan so we headed up to Costco to get us our broiled chicken.

At the cashier there were carts filled with stuff, everybody paying over 100 dollars worth of crap nobody really needs and BF and I were waiting in line with the cart having only the broiled chicken inside, the woman infront of us looks at the cart and then turns to BF and asks him:

Woman: Is that it?, Just a chicken? You came all the way to Costco making this huge line just to pay for a chicken?”

BF: Yes, we’re hungry and my girlfriend told me to come here and get a chicken for lunch (grins)

Woman: A Costco chicken for lunch?

BF: Yes (still grinning)

Woman: Your girlfriend is great, I wouldn’t ask my boyfriend to go get a chicken at Costco (laughin)

BF: It’s a good tasting chicken (grin)

Woman: Oh yes it is, no doubt about that (laughs), but a Costco chicken? … Enjoy your lunch (smiles)

Oh yes we were pretty serious about the chicken alright, but not even the cashier believed us:

Cashier: Is that all you’re taking?

BF: Yes

Cashier: A chicken?

BF: Yes

Cashier: Alright, that will be $5.67 please

And off we went with our cart and our broiled chicken bought in Costco, yes it’s cheaper and it’s very good chicken what’s the problem with that I am asking? Because people were just staring at us like we were two crazy people making line to pay a broiled chicken.

So while eating the chicken with our hands and no napkins at the Costco food stands I asked the BF. “What kind of girlfriend will ever ask you to buy a cheap chicken for lunch? Am I a good girlfriend or what?”

And so BF just shook his head up and down with his greasy fingers because he was too buzy eating the damn chicken to answer my question.

Happy Monday Everyone!

Friday, May 13, 2005

Creepy Friday Quickie!

Today is lots of excitement...

To begin with it's Friday the 13th, for us in Mexico is Tuesday the 13th the bad luck day, we also have a say "Don't get engaged or married that day or you'll be cursed" I still don't get it.

Anyhoo, I think my relationships are not as bad as I thought, there are definitely worst things than mine going on. Like one of the girls at work has a boyfriend, she just found out he's cheating on her with an 18 year old girl, my coworker is 30. Imagine the pain, she's right now ready to jump of a bridge if there was one, luckily there isn't any anywhere near.

I think if I ever cought BF with another woman I wouldn't be crying at all, I would definitely hit his balls and then leave without any comments like "we're thruough" or "I don't want you in my life anymore" or any other crappy sentence that would mean the end of the relationship. I would just walk away after leaving the man with soar balls so he remembers me for the rest of his pathetic life.

And hell he knows that very well, I've told him many times in full details how I would distroy his balls if he ever did something to me even similar to cheating.

Yesterday I made a huge step forward on my feelings about BF; years before I would be dialing the phone to call the man if he didn't call me in a day and I would need to hear his voice to know everything's ok between us. Last night it was different, although I had some kind of wish to call the BF as I haven't hear from him since last sunday, but deep inside me was too damn lazy to dial the phone. And now the tables have turned; BF's complaining why I am not calling him anymore and thinks I don't care about him and I don't miss him and I am the one who's saying I'm too tired to call and too busy for that.

Oh yes, I am becoming a Bitch alright!

Happy Friday the 13th Everyone!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

In The News Today!

Traffic and other crap…

I learned something new this morning that I kind of thought of it but never realized it, you know it was one of those mornings where you’re really rushing yourself to work because you’re late and you’re trying to pass everybody? Well, that’s me almost every morning; so I wanted to pass to the other lane right? But there was this car that wasn’t really moving much but quite slow on the left lane so I needed to go, so I turn my left signal to let the car know I am moving there and just as expected, the car accelerated more so I couldn’t pass.

This happens actually every time everybody here wants to pass to other lanes, it’s as if you don’t and will not let them go infront of you ever! WTF is wrong with those people anyway? Didn’t they ever go to traffic school? Oh yeah I forgot these people come from Mexico city and have no idea what those traffic signals mean? Maybe they think is a way of communicating to you to let you know you’re going too damn slow and you better hit that gas before I get out of my car and kick your ass!

Really I am beginning to think that’s the reason why nobody lets anybody go if there’s a light signal on. So from now on, I am not turning my light signals, I’m just going to bump in front of the car and see what happens, maybe they think it’s the more polite way to go.

What ever!

Went to my parents home last night and it’s really getting very depressing every time I go there and visit, first of all because my parents always ask me about BF, then they tell me about all my cousins who are getting divorced some time this month and then talk to me about some friend of their that has problems with another cousin and she wants to move out of the town she’s living in, actually she’s planning to come live with my parents. I definitely don’t like that crap.

Anyhoo, I got me some pizza to go wee, I love my mom, she still treats me like a little girl.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Today is Mamis Day!

Remember the day when your kid was born, it hurt didn’t it?

Today in my country we celebrate Mamis Day, I don’t know where else the celebration is today also, so for all of those women who have those little midgets so called kids from the underground…


And of course for us who don’t have anything that looks like a child…


Speaking of motherhood, I’ve been asked many times if I ever want to have a child and as always my answers have been “HELL NO”, it’s too much responsibility, besides, I am a selfish bitch who doesn’t want to share any little space inside or outside myself. Of course I’ve heard many of my friends who say they don’t want to have a child because they have other interests in their lives than taking care of a child and that having one would make them stop or slow them down on their life project but after a couple of years I see them not only with one child but with 2 or 3, and they’re a bunch of happy mothers who don’t want anything else in the world but to see their blossom grow and be a role model for the human race.

Damn, must I say you all mothers are brave, I’m just too scared and like I said before is too much responsibility for me to take care of a new human being who’s counting on me to teach and guide through life and form into a useful man or woman worthy of this life and not be another one polluting the planet (I guess many of you didn’t even thought of a child like a human but more like a little doll to play with right?). I just wouldn’t know how and really I wouldn’t like to find out now or in the near future, I’ll live it up to all you women to do the work for me, they’re so many already, who needs one more?

And as I always keep my words, when I say I don’t want kids I mean I don’t want kids which is equal to I really, really don’t want kids even around me, I am allergic to them critters. BF says he doesn’t want to have babies and I’ve talked to him about having a vasectomy if he really doesn’t want to have one but he’s too damn scared of the doctor might cut out his wee wee. Chicken!

I really don’t mind of going through the pain of surgery to avoid me from having children, but unfortunately the world we live in is an ignorant piece of shit that follows their frigging instincts and prevent, forbid, and even punish those women like me who have determined to not be mothers for the rest of our lives. What the heck do they care? I am actually doing you all a favor for not overpopulating the planet and you still tell me I can’t go through surgery if I haven’t had any children because I might regret it in the future.

Really people, don’t tell me what I can and not do, please!

I am very aware of the negative reactions that may cause my body if I don’t conceive; it’s a natural cycle but I am willing to accept the consequences, I am not scared. I was sent here for a few reasons and I know exactly one of those reasons are not be a mother.

For those doctors who avoid women like me, I have no words to describe I feel sorry for your sorry ignorant asses, if it’s a decision we make as free women then let us do what we must, if others regret it later is their stupid business, they should have thought of it before going through it.

Unfortunately because of those indecisive women, we the ones who really stand in our firm decisions of not conceiving have to pay for their ignorance; thank you, really thank you very fucking much, you all have screwed up my life, my freedom and the freedom of other women like me. THANK YOU!

Anyway, I got myself out of the subject.

So for all of you lucky women with babies, expecting babies, having babies or are in the middle of trying (bwahaa); from the bottom of my heart I wish you a very, very joyful motherhood.

Mothers of the world, please do me all a favor and teach your children right; I and many other people around hate crying babies, mischievous, ranty obnoxious, spoiled kids; and whenever you say “No” to your children, really mean it.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Friday, May 06, 2005

Super Friday Quickie!

Finally my tooshie will rest in peace for now...

Guess how bad it was? It was terrible I tell you, I couldn't seat or stand in a good position and there was a moment where I couldn't even walk correctly because I was feeling a pole stuck into my ass.

Well now the pain is almost gone and my muscles are not as sore as yesterday so I guess I can handle another spinning session, and hopefully I don't faint from the pain, so wish me luck.

Still no plans on what to do over the weekend, BF is still clueless like all this time, so you're not the only one confused about all this; I'm just expecting the unexpected like last night when BF called me to tell me he couldn't find me my tooshie cushion, well, it was already 9:30 pm so I thought maybe he was not able to come visit me until he asked:

BF: I missed you

Me: Me too

BF: I'm tired, and I want to go see you

Me: I'll take care of you

BF: but I don't know if it's worth going over there

Me: W.H.A.T!?

BF: Well it's too far away and I have to be at work tomorrow by 7 and it's 9:30 already

Me: What the fuck do you mean is it worth it? What, am I not worth the trip?

BF: No, no I didn't mean that, I said, worth it of the traffic and the time and I'm tired

Me: That's exactly my fucking point! You mean I am not worth it

BF: No it's not about you! Why do you always have to think things are always about you, it's not about you, you don't understand my situation...

Me: No I don't understand anything when you're saying I'm not worth the trip all the way over here, like it was sooo far away, what the fuck?

BF: Oh, there you go again, you're angry...

Me: Hell yes I am angry, how can I not be when you're questioning if either is worth it or not to come see me, what the heck do you think?

What the heck is he thinking anyway?

And I sure hope it was a language communication problem because if it wasn't then he is definitely loosing the house keys forever!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Wednesday Ass Hump!

ouch ouch ouch ouch...

I just came back from my spinning class and this is all I have to say.

1. I have never, ever sweat that much in my whole life, I think I just lost 10 pounds worth of sweat.

2. My ass hurts like H.E.L.L.!

Thank you

Happy Ouchy Wednesday Everyone!

Monday, May 02, 2005

Monday Blah!

Oh my Feet...

I don't know how many steps I made during this weekend but all I know I have brand new corns under my feet, oh and I got a killer sun tan just about in the tip of my nose and a little piece of my neck, yeah I forgot to put some sun block right there, so now those are the only parts of my body that are actually red and hurt to death. I have a slight idea I am going to get a new nick name, something similar to "strawberry nose" or "Rudolpha the red nose chick" what ever comes up is alright.

Went to Seaworld on saturday with BF and got ourselves the year pass, hurray for me, I can get into seaworld for free for the rest of the friggin year, at least something had to come up right in my life, right?

Went to the zoo on sunday with BF's sister and little nephew; for those of you who have followed up on my relationship with the inlaws is not a very good one, and if you might remember these people are very sedentary, so you can imagine sister in law with the kid in a zoo, it was more like bench sitting, eating, sorta sleeping and not moving while I was burning up with desire of visiting the monkey cages, the girafe's and ostriches, and now that I remember, I didn't see any ostriches, actually the zoo was kind of crappy, I didn't like it, well actually we didn't get to see much of it because sister in law and the kid were busy sitting in every little bench they could see nearby.

Today I took mom to the shopping mall to supply her with summer clothes, we walked around 7 hours, good thing I was inside a shop or I would have gotten me a much killer nose burn, thank you god.

So in short I'm all sucked up, I have no money to survive the rest of the week perhaps even the month, I am completely tired, my nose is red, I have corns on my feet, I'm urging for new vacations to rest the past ones; but who is going to prevent me from signing up at the gym tomorrow?

My lazy ass maybe, 'cause I have no excuses anymore, I got me new gym clothes, dammit!

Happy Monday Everyone!