Monday, April 18, 2005

Yoli's Night Out!

1 banana, 2 banana, 3 banana 4...

My best friend invited me out last friday night, I did accept because as I said before when I don’t have a boyfriend is when BF is not around so that means I am unofficially kind of single but not so. So I went, I didn’t have fun, actually as soon as I walked in the night club I wanted to get back home and hide under my blankets, but my inner voice was stronger than me, so I kept my word. There were no cuties around, and as always there was this one guy with 20 beers all over him with dog breath and monkey face asking me to dance, kindly I said no thanks but I had to keep an eye on, um, my um, this thing um, yeah my jacket. I could not leave my jacket all alone in a night club, what if someone stole it from me right? I think that was not a good excuse because monkey face would not leave me until I said yes, I said yes, he lets me go on first, I say no you guide me, so as he walks towards the dance floor I walk towards hiding somewhere he doesn’t find me. And that’s how I managed to get rid of monkey face.

My best friend had a carrot head wannabe with over 100 beers all over him, he was so drunk he couldn’t even speak, I mean, really, no words came out of him, just the huma hamma dumma dance ahmaa.? My best friend well, she didn’t say yes and she didn’t say no so the guy didn’t do much but stay there, swinging his body from one side to the other, he wasn’t dancing, he just couldn’t hold himself into one standing position, he just held the pole beside him and stayed there, waiting, for something, we couldn’t know what it was, but he was waiting for sure. So my best friend was just smiling, and looking at me, me, I was mocking at the guy’s face, carrot head wannabe was smiling back, but he didn’t know why, it was hilarious; carrot head wannabe turns back at my best friend and humms for the dance floor, my best friend asks me if I want to dance, I say nah ah, I don’t want to keep on holding this guy if he falls down so I pass, besides, I have to keep an eye on my jacket, so she goes with carrot head.

10 minutes pass, no cuties, nothing, I actually am falling asleep despite the loud music, the laughter and the bartenders bumping into me; best friend comes back and carrot head is still alive and walking in “S” and holding poles, arms and what ever comes near him so he doesn’t fall down; my best friend tells me she wants him out so she asks me how I did it with Monkey face, oh it was easy I say, but he needs to ask you out to dance, she gives me a weird look, so I smile saying sooorry, good thing the beers in carrot head had to get out in one way or the other so he says he’s going to the restroom, and in the count of 3 we headed to the stairs loosing the guy and bumping into two weirdo’s infront of us, a bald midget and a geek, guess who got the bald midget?

Dancing 5 minutes with the midget made me realize I’m not for this anymore, I rather have a nice Friday night at home watching a good documentary, so I turned to my best friend and we left the two guys dancing together. And that concludes my Friday night off away from BF, oh, not before I say I almost hit the parked car infront of me, I thought it wasn’t parked but waiting to cross the street.

And I wasn’t drunk…or so I believe

Happy Monday Everyone!

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