Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Wednesday with a Huge Bump!

How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop...

And that's how I know why I am angry at this very moment you know. Yesterday I barely came to work, one of my friends invited to a calligraphy exposition at the Balboa park Japanese Friendship Garden, well, so I ask my boss for permission and he then tells me I must be at a meeting outside the company and I should be at this restaurant by 4:00 pm. I am thinking at this moment either he is going to fire me or congratulate me for missing work for long now, neither of those two are good, plus my evaluation is coming in two weeks so really I was scared.

So much for the travel all the way there, I lost 45 minutes of my precious time looking for my friend's house, I was lost and made turns around and around the same little spot, this is so pathetic of me, but it was all her fault, she told me go down a little hill and when I get there I see there are millions of little hills and ups and downs and turns and ups, who wouldn't get lost in a place like that? Dammit I am so pathetic, living in the same city and not knowing where I am, I was really scared and almost freak out in a corner and hide under a tree.

That gave me enough to not have fun at the exposition.

But the best part of the meeting at the restaurant was a suculent baked fish, oh yes, now I'm suffering the consecuences but I don't care, I ate good.

I woke up with a nice mood actually but as soon as I walked into my office I see a bunch of scrap paper near the printer, and it was not in place! Am I the only one who puts scrap paper in it's little ordered spot? How am I going to have vacations knowing scrap paper will not be in it's place when I come back? That annoys me to death people!

This is going straight to management complaint.

And, last but not least, I am getting me a new laptop computer sponsored by the BF next saturday. Isn't he so cute?

What ever...

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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