Thursday, April 14, 2005

Thursday Rush!

Now you see me, now you don’t…

I’ve been procrastinating all morning but busy, busy trying to figure out how in hell can I install my msn messenger into my work computer without the administrator’s permission. I gave up after 5 hours of searching the internet with no use.

I hate not having control over things, especially the things I am supposed to be taking care of, for example my work computer and the way I cannot manage my own folders, install my own software and other crap I feel are important to me. Crap!

So that put me into a bad mood in the morning, but now it’s gone, well not quite but it’s almost. Now I got me into this idea of getting me a new computer, especially I am focusing on a laptop computer, bad thing I don’t know twat about computers and softwares and RAM sizes and O.S. and other crap I don’t know of, I just want a super fast computer with lots of fun features that allows me to download what ever the hell I want. I don’t think I’m asking for much am I?

Drama Queen wants to hook me up with this guy she has as her assistant, he’s cute, he’s nice and he’s way young. Yeah I flirt, yeah he likes me, no I don’t want anything else with this little boy, what part of that sentence you don’t get Mrs. Drama Queen? Actually I think this woman is up to something fishy and I don’t like it. I’ve had lots of bad experiences when people try to hook me up because it ends up it was all a misunderstanding and the guy really never liked me, and there I was weeping my heart out from the disillusion. Oh well!

In other more interesting news; BF got me flowers last night, last night, I called him to tell him not to come home early because I had a date with my cousin to watch some movies at home but he was already on the way but still he said he was going to stop by my mom and dad’s to say hello. When I came back from work to change my clothes I saw 5 beautiful red roses with a little post it note saying:

From: Ali ur booby
To: Yoli smelly

You might rememe BF is Iranian so he doesn’t spell things right.

I’m keeping the post it for further mocking thank you very much.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

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