Thursday, April 28, 2005

Thursday Flash!

In the news today…

I’m changing my posting time, instead of doing it in the morning-ish, noon-ish I’ll be posting my posts at night-ish, why-ish?

Because I want to use my super duper mega fast laptop
Because I’m too busy to post at work now…damn

I just asked Friday off as a vacation, did I mention I am a Pedophobic? Well now you know. There’s this Mexican holiday where we celebrate all children and Nutter Industries came with this great idea of bringing all workers children to our workplace so they can see us kicking our own asses to give those greedy children a good life. Well I am not going to give them the privilege of looking at my pretty face and killing the few good brain cells I have with babies crying and kids shouting for candy so I am out of here for the weekend Weeeeee! Though I am going to miss the pizza, ice cream and candy, but I told one of my workmates to save me some for when I’m coming back, and she called me an evil bitch for it. Whyyyyy?

We are having our Labor Day Holiday next Monday another weeeeeeeee, oh I’m so happy; the problem is where am I going to spend this long weekend?

I told BF to get all those days off from work so we could go someplace, actually I was thinking maybe Vegas because that’s the lie I gave my boss to get the day off so why not killing two birds in one shot right? Well he said no,

ok, so why not going to Los Cabos? Hell no is too far away,

ok, well then let’s see oh San Felipe, that’s near, there’s nothing there to see but a beach, well that’s the point isn’t it?, No.

San Francisco? And I see an evil look, ok no.

It really sounds like I am going to spend the weekend at home…again.


Happy Thursday Everyone!

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