Friday, April 22, 2005

Quickie Quickie Friday!

I'm shaking my tooshie...

Am I a mean person? I just snitched one of my co-workers for being a liar, abussive lazy ass dog. Oh well, bad for his evaluation which is coming in June, good for me because my evaluation is coming in May and I turned a bad boy in.

In other news, yesterday I felt cold when the BF told me he was working over the weekend; I couldn't believe my ears when he told me that, how could he? He told me we were going laptop shopping over the weekend. But I am too friggin smart for this, so I came up with a great idea, "I'll join you and when you're done we'll go laptop shopping what do you think?" to which he replied he had to take his car to the mechanic shop because it needed a tune up so he was going to be without a car, and so I came up with another great idea "Take my car and I'll join you". Then BF said he didn't know whether he was working in the morning or noon, and so I came up with another great idea "It doesn't matter, I'll call you on Friday and you tell me what's your shift going to be and I'll join you with my car".

He is NOT getting away from me without my laptop this weekend, I mean I already got me my high speed internet and is up and working like magic to not have a laptop, it's just not fun.

I am mutating into a human leech!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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