Monday, April 25, 2005

My New Toy!

Does this come with free porn access?

Finally I have my new laptop. I must tell you people it was the most disturbing thing I have ever felt in my whole life. First because it’s the first time a man finances me something of big value, I felt humiliated.

BF and I agreed on meeting in a place near his work so he wouln’t drive all the way down to the border, you see I’m being nice here and he doesn’t appreciate it. Anyway, I told him to meet him at x point near y and z, he even asked me if there was a Costco near by and I said yes that’s the one.

So the time of the meeting came, he didn’t show, 30 minutes passed and nothing, not even a sight of him, then my cell phone rings and it’s him, yelling at me because he is lost and doesn’t find the place I told him. I say what the heck? Didn’t I tell you to meet me at X near Y and Z where there’s a Costco? And he said yes but he went in there and didn’t see me so he thought I meant some other X place near a Y and a Z with a Costco on the side. I think he was high or something. The fact is that I was with my parents at the time and BF was shouting like a crazy homeless which made me cry.

So I got my laptop with a lot of problems on the side, my parents being angry at BF and dad was very upset at the situation. I was extremely embarrassed by all of this.

My new laptop works like magic, but it doesn’t have the Office package installed, I don’t care, as long as I can download all my Japanese comics and play lots of games and watch movies while I’m out of town I am pretty happy, but I’ll have that thing installed by tomorrow anyway, I’m so sure I’m going to need it.

There you have it folks, new laptop, new fight, new idea of me of asking BF to give me my house keys back and kicking him in the ass for being such an ass with me.

And it doesn’t end there you see, because the guy’s from the computer store didn’t tell me the office package was not installed I had to go all the way over there again on Sunday morning, so BF was going to work and he offered to take me there and bring me back home. But when we were there, he changed his mind and said he was going to stay there and asked me if it was ok if I crossed the border back home by my own. I freaked out and turned green in less than 3.4 seconds, actually this was record time, my anger management is not working anymore, I got angry as soon as he finished the sentence in much less than .0001 seconds.

After telling him a bunch of things I don’t recall right now because I was She Hulk at the time, I called my parents and asked them if they could pick me up at the border crossing. BF freaked out and said he would take me all the way home, but I have my own pride, so I told him to save it and I thanked him for Nothing. Actually me and BF had a plan of having lunch together and spend the rest of Sunday afternoon together and then bring me back home but I don’t want to think wrong of why he changed his mind after he allegedly said he got a phone call from his boss.

Again let’s call it that, his boss, and I’ll believe him in that and actually I am not interested in finding out anymore.

I have me my laptop, BF paid for it and I don’t know if I will pay him back, not after what he did to me twice over the weekend and we didn’t even see each other over the week.

He’s screwed!

Happy Monday Everyone!

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