Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I Hate Time!

Look at the bags under my eyes…

Yes another half of year another time change, again we have to get used to the new time; boy do I hate that, no problem with the winter time, summer time is my Aquiles ankle, I just so hate it.

I’ve been coming to work late, late for me is coming in exactly 7:30 which is my regular check in time but I like to get in way earlier than that, I just can’t get to wake up on time, why do we have to make things more horrible? Can’t we just come to work at our old time?

What worst can it be when you’re going to movie rental store and you get the movie you think you want to see and when you look at it, it wasn’t? That never happened to me before until last weekend. I went to the movie store to get me the movie “The Grudge” with Sarah Michelle Geller; did she ever appear in the movie? NO!

When I put the movie, there were a bunch of advertisements in Japanese, ok no problem, maybe because the movie comes from an original Japanese version they’re advertising those kinds of movies right? 30 minutes pass and the whole movie is in Japanese with a bunch of Japanese people, great I thought, maybe the movie develops in Japan and after the bunch of killings they call the CIA to solve the case and they call Sarah Michelle right? 1 hour after, everything’s still in Japanese and Sarah doesn’t show, but any minute now she should come out on scene. The credits come and the movie is finished and Sarah never showed and everybody spoke Japanese the whole time.

WTF! The back cover of the movie said it was in English and it was the English version of “The Grudge”, well they were so wrong, I was watching the original Japanese version. I wanted to ask for my money back because that’s not the movie I asked for and I was terribly tricked, but then I thought it can’t be that bad, I mean I actually got to see the original version without those Hollywood kind of special effects where the ghosts look damn creepy and won’t let me sleep for a week so I guess it’s not so bad after all.

Still I want my money back dammit!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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