Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I feel Crapy, Oh so Crappy!

What else should I expect now...

I’m feeling crappy today, I’m not depressed, I feel tired, my eyes are closing but I’m not sleepy, just feel like laying down, closing my eyes and make this crapyness go away.

Yesterday I wanted to feel motivated after the fight we had over the weekend BF and I so I decided to spend my lunch time with the cute student working with us. It was fun, I was wearing a sweater with a sexy cleavage and the poor kid didn’t know what to do, I was sitting infront of him; he would stare at my face, then cleavage, then sideways, so it was face-cleavage-sideways, face-cleavage-sideways, on and on. Hilarious!

Last night I plugged in my high speed internet to my brand new kick ass laptop and spent the rest of the afternoon deleting programs I didn’t need. Hope I didn’t screw something around ha!

I went to bed after that and fell asleep right away, it was 10ish, then the phone woke me up, for an instant I thought it was either BF, XBF or dad; actually I got a call from one of my admirers who I haven’t heard since 3 years or so, he’s a huge pain in the ass, actually I don’t like him, he’s not my type but it cheered me up to know the guy still thinks about me; he said he called me last week but a man answered the phone, I told him it was my husband as I thought he might wanted to invite me out and I don’t like to deny myself, so the guy got scared and hung up after a couple of minutes.

This morning I found XBF on messenger and IM for a couple of minutes, we were abruptly interrupted by one of my workmates asking me something I wasn’t really paying attention but the girl was talking on and on without knowing I was writing HELLO! So I stopped for a minute, when I came back to the IM XBF was gone. I felt sad, definitely he’s not how he was before, he used to wait for me for an eternity, I know it’s all my fault, I treated him pretty bad the last few times we saw each other and mostly ended up in huge fights. I just can’t stop talking to people and then suddenly start talking to them again like nothing ever happened without any negative response from their side. Yoli still needs to learn that.

I’ve been invited to that night club again, I don’t want to go but as I don’t have anything else do to over the weekend I might as well go, hopefully I don’t find the bald midget with his geek friend or I’ll run away from there. Actually I’m planning to show up for an hour at most then I’ll get home. I am in the mood to meet older people, it doesn’t really matter the gender just meet new older people not little kids, and this club is full of diaper smelling kids.

Does that make my friend a diaper smelling little wannabe kid although she’s 25? Damn!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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