Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Humpy Wednesday!

Taking the old pics from the shoe box…

I’m feeling love in the air, in my company; a new “romance” is blooming between “Drama Queen” and HR beyotch #2, two days ago they had a little “misunderstanding” and now HR beyotch #2 wants to say I’m sorry without saying it sending Drama Queen mooshy emails and asking her if things can go back the way they were. Excuse me? Don’t you have any work to do beyotch like implementing the monthly employee meeting with cake and candy or the Employee of the Month celebration with cake and candy? Get yo ass to work beyotch and while you’re at it, get me some cake and candy!

I think that woman is way gay.

In other news, I’ve been chatting with my ex-BF for the last two weeks; we were engaged for almost 5 years but I dumped the whole thing at the end (long story so I won’t mention why). Anyhoo, talking to him really brings back good old memories and I must admit, he did move some feelings around.

Does it mean anything?

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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