Thursday, April 07, 2005


Yeah you translate that…

My dad picked up my car from the import agency last Monday and they gave it back with a big scratch on my back bumper, also, I found my steering wheel is sticky and I really don’t want to know why, oh and before I finish up in here my dad found a foam cup in the car floor, ah and the best of all, someone reset my mileage gage and now I lost how many miles before I change my oil again.

Breathing…Breathing….Freakin’ jackasses pigs!

Why if I leave my sacred car in the hands of somebody that somebody has to touch what its not suppose to touch or eat where its not suppose to eat or scratch my car when its not supposed to scratch it! Freakin’ idiots!

Alright, I don’t feel better but at least I got it out of my system, well, at least that’s what I thought until I took my car yesterday to the DMV to get its new license plates, that’s another story I tell you.

Bureaucratic systems are my pain; instead of organizing the DMV so that everybody goes in one straight line to the exit they make us go first to one corner, then walk to another corner, then get out of the parking lot and park your car some other place and then get in again and get on another corner ending up in the first place you started.

I am still dizzy from all that coming and going I tell you. And I am not saying anything else or I’ll puke my pancreas out.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

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