Friday, April 29, 2005

Friday Quickie!

Animal Planet and no more...

Guess where I am?? I'm home, yes yes I am home, though I am not happy about it, like I said before I have the idea I am going to spend the long weekend watching the animal planet although my inner self is dragging my brain somewhere near a very hot sunny beach and that's what I'm trying to do now.

I was woken up this morning by cutie guy in my company, he's doing the daily reports while I'm here watching the Animal planet bwaha. Ok, he woke me up at 7:00 am, give me a break, last night I went to sleep at 1 am, I have only slept 6 hours and I'm supposed to be here resting. Leave that, I hung up the phone with the guy after 30 minutes, then I couldn't sleep, so I turned on the TV on the Animal planet watching how monkeys are mating, this is not right because now I am feeling horning while looking at this show, so I turn it off and try to sleep, but I can't, finally I am having this weird dream where I am buying clothes and they're so pretty, I am deeply sleeping I know because my drull is actually drowning me and I am not paying attention.

The phone rings again and I am not planning to answer it because it might be from my work and I'm supposed to be in Vegas having the time of my life and trying to get some rest like I actually planned, but it wasn't my work, it was my parents waking me up. I am thinking this is definitely not pretty! My dad wants to come over the use the toilet because there's no water in my parents house because the plummer is fixing a pipe.

So I have been awake practically since 7 am and I have not been able to sleep. I have only slept 6 hours and I'm supposed to be having the time of my frigging miserable life!

And last but not least, last night I opened my mouth and asked my parents to move in with me, what the heck is wrong with me???

And so this concludes the Friday Quickie that became not so quickie but who cares, I am venting here.

Happy Friggin Friday Everyone!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Thursday Flash!

In the news today…

I’m changing my posting time, instead of doing it in the morning-ish, noon-ish I’ll be posting my posts at night-ish, why-ish?

Because I want to use my super duper mega fast laptop
Because I’m too busy to post at work now…damn

I just asked Friday off as a vacation, did I mention I am a Pedophobic? Well now you know. There’s this Mexican holiday where we celebrate all children and Nutter Industries came with this great idea of bringing all workers children to our workplace so they can see us kicking our own asses to give those greedy children a good life. Well I am not going to give them the privilege of looking at my pretty face and killing the few good brain cells I have with babies crying and kids shouting for candy so I am out of here for the weekend Weeeeee! Though I am going to miss the pizza, ice cream and candy, but I told one of my workmates to save me some for when I’m coming back, and she called me an evil bitch for it. Whyyyyy?

We are having our Labor Day Holiday next Monday another weeeeeeeee, oh I’m so happy; the problem is where am I going to spend this long weekend?

I told BF to get all those days off from work so we could go someplace, actually I was thinking maybe Vegas because that’s the lie I gave my boss to get the day off so why not killing two birds in one shot right? Well he said no,

ok, so why not going to Los Cabos? Hell no is too far away,

ok, well then let’s see oh San Felipe, that’s near, there’s nothing there to see but a beach, well that’s the point isn’t it?, No.

San Francisco? And I see an evil look, ok no.

It really sounds like I am going to spend the weekend at home…again.


Happy Thursday Everyone!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I feel Crapy, Oh so Crappy!

What else should I expect now...

I’m feeling crappy today, I’m not depressed, I feel tired, my eyes are closing but I’m not sleepy, just feel like laying down, closing my eyes and make this crapyness go away.

Yesterday I wanted to feel motivated after the fight we had over the weekend BF and I so I decided to spend my lunch time with the cute student working with us. It was fun, I was wearing a sweater with a sexy cleavage and the poor kid didn’t know what to do, I was sitting infront of him; he would stare at my face, then cleavage, then sideways, so it was face-cleavage-sideways, face-cleavage-sideways, on and on. Hilarious!

Last night I plugged in my high speed internet to my brand new kick ass laptop and spent the rest of the afternoon deleting programs I didn’t need. Hope I didn’t screw something around ha!

I went to bed after that and fell asleep right away, it was 10ish, then the phone woke me up, for an instant I thought it was either BF, XBF or dad; actually I got a call from one of my admirers who I haven’t heard since 3 years or so, he’s a huge pain in the ass, actually I don’t like him, he’s not my type but it cheered me up to know the guy still thinks about me; he said he called me last week but a man answered the phone, I told him it was my husband as I thought he might wanted to invite me out and I don’t like to deny myself, so the guy got scared and hung up after a couple of minutes.

This morning I found XBF on messenger and IM for a couple of minutes, we were abruptly interrupted by one of my workmates asking me something I wasn’t really paying attention but the girl was talking on and on without knowing I was writing HELLO! So I stopped for a minute, when I came back to the IM XBF was gone. I felt sad, definitely he’s not how he was before, he used to wait for me for an eternity, I know it’s all my fault, I treated him pretty bad the last few times we saw each other and mostly ended up in huge fights. I just can’t stop talking to people and then suddenly start talking to them again like nothing ever happened without any negative response from their side. Yoli still needs to learn that.

I’ve been invited to that night club again, I don’t want to go but as I don’t have anything else do to over the weekend I might as well go, hopefully I don’t find the bald midget with his geek friend or I’ll run away from there. Actually I’m planning to show up for an hour at most then I’ll get home. I am in the mood to meet older people, it doesn’t really matter the gender just meet new older people not little kids, and this club is full of diaper smelling kids.

Does that make my friend a diaper smelling little wannabe kid although she’s 25? Damn!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Monday, April 25, 2005

My New Toy!

Does this come with free porn access?

Finally I have my new laptop. I must tell you people it was the most disturbing thing I have ever felt in my whole life. First because it’s the first time a man finances me something of big value, I felt humiliated.

BF and I agreed on meeting in a place near his work so he wouln’t drive all the way down to the border, you see I’m being nice here and he doesn’t appreciate it. Anyway, I told him to meet him at x point near y and z, he even asked me if there was a Costco near by and I said yes that’s the one.

So the time of the meeting came, he didn’t show, 30 minutes passed and nothing, not even a sight of him, then my cell phone rings and it’s him, yelling at me because he is lost and doesn’t find the place I told him. I say what the heck? Didn’t I tell you to meet me at X near Y and Z where there’s a Costco? And he said yes but he went in there and didn’t see me so he thought I meant some other X place near a Y and a Z with a Costco on the side. I think he was high or something. The fact is that I was with my parents at the time and BF was shouting like a crazy homeless which made me cry.

So I got my laptop with a lot of problems on the side, my parents being angry at BF and dad was very upset at the situation. I was extremely embarrassed by all of this.

My new laptop works like magic, but it doesn’t have the Office package installed, I don’t care, as long as I can download all my Japanese comics and play lots of games and watch movies while I’m out of town I am pretty happy, but I’ll have that thing installed by tomorrow anyway, I’m so sure I’m going to need it.

There you have it folks, new laptop, new fight, new idea of me of asking BF to give me my house keys back and kicking him in the ass for being such an ass with me.

And it doesn’t end there you see, because the guy’s from the computer store didn’t tell me the office package was not installed I had to go all the way over there again on Sunday morning, so BF was going to work and he offered to take me there and bring me back home. But when we were there, he changed his mind and said he was going to stay there and asked me if it was ok if I crossed the border back home by my own. I freaked out and turned green in less than 3.4 seconds, actually this was record time, my anger management is not working anymore, I got angry as soon as he finished the sentence in much less than .0001 seconds.

After telling him a bunch of things I don’t recall right now because I was She Hulk at the time, I called my parents and asked them if they could pick me up at the border crossing. BF freaked out and said he would take me all the way home, but I have my own pride, so I told him to save it and I thanked him for Nothing. Actually me and BF had a plan of having lunch together and spend the rest of Sunday afternoon together and then bring me back home but I don’t want to think wrong of why he changed his mind after he allegedly said he got a phone call from his boss.

Again let’s call it that, his boss, and I’ll believe him in that and actually I am not interested in finding out anymore.

I have me my laptop, BF paid for it and I don’t know if I will pay him back, not after what he did to me twice over the weekend and we didn’t even see each other over the week.

He’s screwed!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Friday, April 22, 2005

Quickie Quickie Friday!

I'm shaking my tooshie...

Am I a mean person? I just snitched one of my co-workers for being a liar, abussive lazy ass dog. Oh well, bad for his evaluation which is coming in June, good for me because my evaluation is coming in May and I turned a bad boy in.

In other news, yesterday I felt cold when the BF told me he was working over the weekend; I couldn't believe my ears when he told me that, how could he? He told me we were going laptop shopping over the weekend. But I am too friggin smart for this, so I came up with a great idea, "I'll join you and when you're done we'll go laptop shopping what do you think?" to which he replied he had to take his car to the mechanic shop because it needed a tune up so he was going to be without a car, and so I came up with another great idea "Take my car and I'll join you". Then BF said he didn't know whether he was working in the morning or noon, and so I came up with another great idea "It doesn't matter, I'll call you on Friday and you tell me what's your shift going to be and I'll join you with my car".

He is NOT getting away from me without my laptop this weekend, I mean I already got me my high speed internet and is up and working like magic to not have a laptop, it's just not fun.

I am mutating into a human leech!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Wednesday with a Huge Bump!

How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop...

And that's how I know why I am angry at this very moment you know. Yesterday I barely came to work, one of my friends invited to a calligraphy exposition at the Balboa park Japanese Friendship Garden, well, so I ask my boss for permission and he then tells me I must be at a meeting outside the company and I should be at this restaurant by 4:00 pm. I am thinking at this moment either he is going to fire me or congratulate me for missing work for long now, neither of those two are good, plus my evaluation is coming in two weeks so really I was scared.

So much for the travel all the way there, I lost 45 minutes of my precious time looking for my friend's house, I was lost and made turns around and around the same little spot, this is so pathetic of me, but it was all her fault, she told me go down a little hill and when I get there I see there are millions of little hills and ups and downs and turns and ups, who wouldn't get lost in a place like that? Dammit I am so pathetic, living in the same city and not knowing where I am, I was really scared and almost freak out in a corner and hide under a tree.

That gave me enough to not have fun at the exposition.

But the best part of the meeting at the restaurant was a suculent baked fish, oh yes, now I'm suffering the consecuences but I don't care, I ate good.

I woke up with a nice mood actually but as soon as I walked into my office I see a bunch of scrap paper near the printer, and it was not in place! Am I the only one who puts scrap paper in it's little ordered spot? How am I going to have vacations knowing scrap paper will not be in it's place when I come back? That annoys me to death people!

This is going straight to management complaint.

And, last but not least, I am getting me a new laptop computer sponsored by the BF next saturday. Isn't he so cute?

What ever...

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Yoli's Night Out!

1 banana, 2 banana, 3 banana 4...

My best friend invited me out last friday night, I did accept because as I said before when I don’t have a boyfriend is when BF is not around so that means I am unofficially kind of single but not so. So I went, I didn’t have fun, actually as soon as I walked in the night club I wanted to get back home and hide under my blankets, but my inner voice was stronger than me, so I kept my word. There were no cuties around, and as always there was this one guy with 20 beers all over him with dog breath and monkey face asking me to dance, kindly I said no thanks but I had to keep an eye on, um, my um, this thing um, yeah my jacket. I could not leave my jacket all alone in a night club, what if someone stole it from me right? I think that was not a good excuse because monkey face would not leave me until I said yes, I said yes, he lets me go on first, I say no you guide me, so as he walks towards the dance floor I walk towards hiding somewhere he doesn’t find me. And that’s how I managed to get rid of monkey face.

My best friend had a carrot head wannabe with over 100 beers all over him, he was so drunk he couldn’t even speak, I mean, really, no words came out of him, just the huma hamma dumma dance ahmaa.? My best friend well, she didn’t say yes and she didn’t say no so the guy didn’t do much but stay there, swinging his body from one side to the other, he wasn’t dancing, he just couldn’t hold himself into one standing position, he just held the pole beside him and stayed there, waiting, for something, we couldn’t know what it was, but he was waiting for sure. So my best friend was just smiling, and looking at me, me, I was mocking at the guy’s face, carrot head wannabe was smiling back, but he didn’t know why, it was hilarious; carrot head wannabe turns back at my best friend and humms for the dance floor, my best friend asks me if I want to dance, I say nah ah, I don’t want to keep on holding this guy if he falls down so I pass, besides, I have to keep an eye on my jacket, so she goes with carrot head.

10 minutes pass, no cuties, nothing, I actually am falling asleep despite the loud music, the laughter and the bartenders bumping into me; best friend comes back and carrot head is still alive and walking in “S” and holding poles, arms and what ever comes near him so he doesn’t fall down; my best friend tells me she wants him out so she asks me how I did it with Monkey face, oh it was easy I say, but he needs to ask you out to dance, she gives me a weird look, so I smile saying sooorry, good thing the beers in carrot head had to get out in one way or the other so he says he’s going to the restroom, and in the count of 3 we headed to the stairs loosing the guy and bumping into two weirdo’s infront of us, a bald midget and a geek, guess who got the bald midget?

Dancing 5 minutes with the midget made me realize I’m not for this anymore, I rather have a nice Friday night at home watching a good documentary, so I turned to my best friend and we left the two guys dancing together. And that concludes my Friday night off away from BF, oh, not before I say I almost hit the parked car infront of me, I thought it wasn’t parked but waiting to cross the street.

And I wasn’t drunk…or so I believe

Happy Monday Everyone!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Thursday Rush!

Now you see me, now you don’t…

I’ve been procrastinating all morning but busy, busy trying to figure out how in hell can I install my msn messenger into my work computer without the administrator’s permission. I gave up after 5 hours of searching the internet with no use.

I hate not having control over things, especially the things I am supposed to be taking care of, for example my work computer and the way I cannot manage my own folders, install my own software and other crap I feel are important to me. Crap!

So that put me into a bad mood in the morning, but now it’s gone, well not quite but it’s almost. Now I got me into this idea of getting me a new computer, especially I am focusing on a laptop computer, bad thing I don’t know twat about computers and softwares and RAM sizes and O.S. and other crap I don’t know of, I just want a super fast computer with lots of fun features that allows me to download what ever the hell I want. I don’t think I’m asking for much am I?

Drama Queen wants to hook me up with this guy she has as her assistant, he’s cute, he’s nice and he’s way young. Yeah I flirt, yeah he likes me, no I don’t want anything else with this little boy, what part of that sentence you don’t get Mrs. Drama Queen? Actually I think this woman is up to something fishy and I don’t like it. I’ve had lots of bad experiences when people try to hook me up because it ends up it was all a misunderstanding and the guy really never liked me, and there I was weeping my heart out from the disillusion. Oh well!

In other more interesting news; BF got me flowers last night, last night, I called him to tell him not to come home early because I had a date with my cousin to watch some movies at home but he was already on the way but still he said he was going to stop by my mom and dad’s to say hello. When I came back from work to change my clothes I saw 5 beautiful red roses with a little post it note saying:

From: Ali ur booby
To: Yoli smelly

You might rememe BF is Iranian so he doesn’t spell things right.

I’m keeping the post it for further mocking thank you very much.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Humpy Wednesday!

Taking the old pics from the shoe box…

I’m feeling love in the air, in my company; a new “romance” is blooming between “Drama Queen” and HR beyotch #2, two days ago they had a little “misunderstanding” and now HR beyotch #2 wants to say I’m sorry without saying it sending Drama Queen mooshy emails and asking her if things can go back the way they were. Excuse me? Don’t you have any work to do beyotch like implementing the monthly employee meeting with cake and candy or the Employee of the Month celebration with cake and candy? Get yo ass to work beyotch and while you’re at it, get me some cake and candy!

I think that woman is way gay.

In other news, I’ve been chatting with my ex-BF for the last two weeks; we were engaged for almost 5 years but I dumped the whole thing at the end (long story so I won’t mention why). Anyhoo, talking to him really brings back good old memories and I must admit, he did move some feelings around.

Does it mean anything?

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Monday, April 11, 2005

Single Men Are So Predictable!

and pigs…

Yesterday I went with BF to the apartment he lives in when he’s not living with me; knowing he lives with his nephew a 21 year old irresponsible guy I kind of imagined what I would end up looking at but I never thought it would really be what I thought it was.

We were outside the parking lot and BF invited me in while he left some stuff in the apartment, but I refused, saying I shouldn’t be looking at something I am not supposed to look at like a dirty underwear on the couch; but boyfriend insisted so much saying the house was clean and there was nothing bad to see. He was wrong.

As we walk in I found this horrible smell of old cigarette smoke and before I could step in any further I found a dish filled with cigarette butts; BF quickly picked it up before I could say anything; but when he asked me to sit on the couch I turned around and I see a pair of dirty briefs over the sofa, I could not prevent myself and said it out loud and maybe the neighbors heard me but I didn’t care

Me: You want me to sit down on a dirty underwear? You are so disgusting, I am out of here.

BF: No wait, they’re mine and they’re clean look (smelling the underwear and putting it under a cushion on the sofa) sit down, I won’t take long.

Me: I don’t care if its yours or your nephew’s, you two are pigs, I am waiting for you outside, I don’t want to find another surprise like a used condom or something (making a yucky face).

And just as I said that I turned around and I see in the living room table a condom and a bunch of packs of condoms on the side.

Me: AAAggghhhH!!! Look I told you I would find a condom! That’s it, I am out of here before I find a hooker getting out of that room and I’ll puke on your dirty carpet!

BF: Fuck! You’re so picky.

Me: Bite me!

I had a green face all the way back to the house with the mental image of the dirty underwear, the condom and the hoochie mamma with fuffly slippers.

The moral of the story is: If your boyfriend invites you to his shared apartment you better be prepared for what you’ll find because it ain’t pretty.

Happy Monday Everyone!

Friday, April 08, 2005

A Bloody Friday Quickie!

This one is for your enjoyment...

As I don't have much to write about because for the first time in a long time I am working. I don't know wether to cry or laugh but, one of my dear friends sent me this , I thought of sharing it with you all people who have nothing else to do but blug your guts out.


Happy Friday Everyone!

Thursday, April 07, 2005


Yeah you translate that…

My dad picked up my car from the import agency last Monday and they gave it back with a big scratch on my back bumper, also, I found my steering wheel is sticky and I really don’t want to know why, oh and before I finish up in here my dad found a foam cup in the car floor, ah and the best of all, someone reset my mileage gage and now I lost how many miles before I change my oil again.

Breathing…Breathing….Freakin’ jackasses pigs!

Why if I leave my sacred car in the hands of somebody that somebody has to touch what its not suppose to touch or eat where its not suppose to eat or scratch my car when its not supposed to scratch it! Freakin’ idiots!

Alright, I don’t feel better but at least I got it out of my system, well, at least that’s what I thought until I took my car yesterday to the DMV to get its new license plates, that’s another story I tell you.

Bureaucratic systems are my pain; instead of organizing the DMV so that everybody goes in one straight line to the exit they make us go first to one corner, then walk to another corner, then get out of the parking lot and park your car some other place and then get in again and get on another corner ending up in the first place you started.

I am still dizzy from all that coming and going I tell you. And I am not saying anything else or I’ll puke my pancreas out.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I Hate Time!

Look at the bags under my eyes…

Yes another half of year another time change, again we have to get used to the new time; boy do I hate that, no problem with the winter time, summer time is my Aquiles ankle, I just so hate it.

I’ve been coming to work late, late for me is coming in exactly 7:30 which is my regular check in time but I like to get in way earlier than that, I just can’t get to wake up on time, why do we have to make things more horrible? Can’t we just come to work at our old time?

What worst can it be when you’re going to movie rental store and you get the movie you think you want to see and when you look at it, it wasn’t? That never happened to me before until last weekend. I went to the movie store to get me the movie “The Grudge” with Sarah Michelle Geller; did she ever appear in the movie? NO!

When I put the movie, there were a bunch of advertisements in Japanese, ok no problem, maybe because the movie comes from an original Japanese version they’re advertising those kinds of movies right? 30 minutes pass and the whole movie is in Japanese with a bunch of Japanese people, great I thought, maybe the movie develops in Japan and after the bunch of killings they call the CIA to solve the case and they call Sarah Michelle right? 1 hour after, everything’s still in Japanese and Sarah doesn’t show, but any minute now she should come out on scene. The credits come and the movie is finished and Sarah never showed and everybody spoke Japanese the whole time.

WTF! The back cover of the movie said it was in English and it was the English version of “The Grudge”, well they were so wrong, I was watching the original Japanese version. I wanted to ask for my money back because that’s not the movie I asked for and I was terribly tricked, but then I thought it can’t be that bad, I mean I actually got to see the original version without those Hollywood kind of special effects where the ghosts look damn creepy and won’t let me sleep for a week so I guess it’s not so bad after all.

Still I want my money back dammit!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Friday, April 01, 2005

Friday Quickie!

The quickies of all quickies…

After hearing these news early in the morning on my way to work I could not stop thinking of anything else all day.


Happy Friday Everyone!