Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Yoli’s New Look!

Oh yeah look at me people…

I started wearing my extravagant sexy spring clothes this Monday and it was big success, oh yes, I didn’t have this much attention for so long now, I was really feeling crappy the last couple of months, but now, the old flirty Yoli is here to take back what was lost since last year. Although I felt it was not such a good idea after I stepped out of my car to get in the company because it was freezing over here, also, it rained and I was wearing light yellow, so I was the only sexy weirdo in the office bwaha!

I haven’t seen BF since…god knows when I already forget how long it’s been but it’s been good, little by little I’m taking my head out of the big ground hole and tasting my single life again, really I missed it a lot. But I have to thank the circumstances otherwise I would have not lost a full dress size in less than a month. Hurray for me! Of course it took me a lot of effort don’t think it was that easy, I didn’t exercise, I didn’t diet, I just got sick of my stomach for about a month and thanks to that my stomach shrunk to the size of a raisin. But believe me loosing weight in this manner is not a pretty way to go.

Now next thing I’m planning on doing is subscribing to a gym, though I’m way too lazy for those things and way too picky with germs I am really thinking about it deeply into my conscience, so I think the healthiest and cleanest exercise is Spinning and/or Belly Dancing; of course I’ll have to bring my Lysol with me and a special cushion for my toosh, and probably even a mask and a pair of latex gloves; I don’t want to get involved with anybody’s germs but my own.

In other news, we’re going to wear uniforms soon, how soon? We’ve been looking for uniforms since November and still no news about what uniforms we will wear, what kind of scientific process does this take? HR people here are very slow so I am pretty sure I’ll have to buy me some new office clothes for spring and summer because I don’t see the end of it.

Now my vacations are coming in May, I can hardly wait for that moment, I’m thinking on celebrating my birthday (which is in May also) somewhere out of here! I so need to get out of this place and forget where I live at least for a week. So I already got me a bunch of brochures for cruises and vacation packages; now I’ll have to think of a way of saving my money so I really make it real otherwise I’ll spend it all and I won’t go anywhere. Crap!

I’ll chew that while at lunch. In the mean time…

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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