Monday, March 21, 2005

Yoli in Lalaland!

If it was a real place I’d book a ticket…

My head’s been everywhere except where it should be, though last night I took a little intelligence test and my brain cells are not dead…just yet.

So this morning it took me more time than regular to wake up (1 minute, usually I wake up in .001 secs), and it was not pretty I tell you. And it’s been like this since…let’s see, I can’t recall right now but it must have been sometime between last week or last year but not more than that, which can mean two things.

#1 I need desperately a vacation, or #2 I am getting old and starting to forget things like my parents do, which is not a good thing.

Now I forgot what the main purpose for this post was about but hell who cares anyway if I had anything important to say, like, I’ll be asking my parents to move in with me on July and that means no more fooling around with myself or with anybody, and I’ll have to put a timing card on the door to check my ins and outs of the house, which means my freedom will be gone, not forever but at least for the remaining of my dad’s life; which means I’ll be recruited in my house like a prisoner, until one of two things happens first,

#1 I get married and escape the hell I put myself into, or
#2 Heaven forbids, my dad moves on to a better life.
#3 would be killing myself but that is definitely not an option.

Which gives me no other choice but to put myself under my dad’s commands to make him happy even if that means no dating for me. OH MY GOD WHY!!!!

I’ve been circling this option of having my parents move in with me ever since I told BF we could not live together anymore; now looking for a roommate would be the greatest of the ideas but my defect is that I’m too picky and I’ll end up firing my roommate in less than 3 days. I have everything worked out, but I need to present my plan to my father and introduce it to him as the best of the options for him and for me but it will go under, lets call it, certain conditions.

#1 He will not say anything if I make a decision
#2 He will mind his own business
#3 If I’m not going to spend the night in the house he shall not ask why
#4 If I’m going out somewhere he should not ask the 1001 questions
#5 The words “WHY, WHEN, WITH WHO, HOW, TIME, BACK” shall not be mentioned at any time while I’m in the house.

I didn’t think about these conditions until yesterday afternoon while I was preparing lunch for 2 and my father dropped by accident 2 times at my house “Just to see how I was doing” as he told BF, because he was worried.

I’m going to hang myself with this decision of mine.

Happy Monday Everyone!

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