Monday, March 14, 2005

Who Wants a Little Piece of Me!

I know I don't…

Ok at least this other book I’m reading is helping me manage my anger, now instead of getting angry every 3.5 seconds I could make it up .5 seconds longer, so now I get angry around ever 4 seconds. That’s a big improvement isn’t it?

In other news, I am going to wear skirts to work, ain’t that girly? So I am going to start shaving my legs every other day instead of once a month. I was going to wear my girly skirts this morning but I the breeze was not helping, and I didn’t buy me any stockings.

Funny fact about me, as I don’t use shorts or skirts so often but only once a blue moon the color of my legs is 180 degrees different than my arms and face, actually if somebody saw my legs they would think I had a leg implant from a dead ostrich. That’s how white my legs are, and I am not even that white. Shame on me!

I’m doing a payback time with BF while he stays at home, as he said I am only a roommate, well I have decided I am going to charge for my services, excepting some intimate ones of course, otherwise I would just advertise myself in a corner. Ok back to the roommate issue, about the dirty laundry we agreed I will get paid 10 bucks per load every 2 weeks and if he wants a meal he will pay 1.5 bucks per meal. I already got my first load pay, and I am getting help from BF on doing the weekly chores such as cleaning the house, dusting, ironing and vacuuming unless he wants to pay me for that too which will be a little bit more expensive than a regular cleaning lady, but he agreed he would help out.

So everything is happy, everything is cool and beautiful except for the fact that he is leaving me, and one of the tricks I am playing is wearing skirts, just to see if he will change his mind any time soon. Although we agreed on the move out, I am still doubtful the relationship will work out as he thinks it will, I mean, he will have lots of temptations as well as me (been there, done that), and we both agreed that if either of us found someone else we would call the relationship quits but we would keep a friendship between us; excuse me…bulllsshhhiiitt!! I think I just sneezed.

I don’t believe in first lovers then only friends relationship because it never works unless both persons are extremely mature to accept your ex is going out with someone else and having the time of its life and you’re not included in the picture. I am not that mature yet.

At least I got something out of it, BF will stay with me until September of this year, and then he will make sure I have the correct roommate or I have moved out of this apartment to a cheaper one.

Because I am not moving back with my parents, I rather die dead than die alive! (If you know what I’m saying)

Happy Monday Everyone!

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