Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Where's Your Lunch?

'Cause it's sure not here…

Last night as I was taking BF’s one week old lunch from his lunch box I noticed a green tupper, with a different lunch inside and it was half eaten:

Me: Where did this come from?

BF: You put it there this morning

Me: Are you sure? Because last night I put your regular beige tupper with and it had egg plant and pasta, not a green tupper with macaroni and cheese and BBQ chicken.

BF: But you put that in there didn’t you?

Me: I didn’t fix BBQ chicken on Sunday and I never fix macaroni and cheese.

BF: Your mom didn’t give you that?

Me: My mom never came here last night and you were here to prove it. Now where did you say you took this green tupper out of?

BF: The fridge

Me: Which fridge? This green tupper was not in my fridge last night, there was a beige tupper inside.

BF looks at me and then looks at the strange tupper on my hands while I stare at him in the eyes. Silence takes the room.

BF: Oh shit! I took the wrong tupper, fuuuuuck! I thought you wanted the egg plant for yourself and you left me this food.

Me: forget the food inside, didn’t you realize this tupper was not yours? You still ate that thing, what if it had rat poison in there?

BF: I don’t know I thought you put it there

Me: In a green tupper ware? Where have you seen I have green tupper ware? Where in hell is your head? Do you know who this lunch belongs to?

BF: No

Me: You ate a stranger’s lunch??

BF: I didn’t eat all of it, just a little

Me: But you ate it!

BF: I guess I did.

Me: Where’s my Lysol cleaner?

It happens that when BF took his beige little tupper from home he put it inside a plastic bag, once he got to work he put the plastic bag inside the company fridge, but he never realized he put it right next to another plastic bag with another tupper inside, so when he was called to go out for a delivery he grabbed the first bag he saw on the fridge.

Do this kind of people really exist? I’ve never seen anything like this in my life; sure once I put a pair of dirty socks on the fridge and one time I put the milk inside my closet and left it there for a whole day but eating something that obviously looks like is not mine is a totally different story.

See what I have to deal with every day?

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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